“No Concessions to Iran,” Maryam Rajavi Tells Fox News

13 June 2015

Nima Sharif

Stop Fundamentalism – Iran “cannot and should not be trusted,” said Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, the largest opposition group to the Iranian regime based in Paris, France to Eric Shown of Fox news in a televised interview yesterday.

The NCRI will hold a large gathering today in Paris to tell the world that there is another face for Iran which will not threaten it with support for terrorism and building a nuclear bomb. 

Iran Executions Surge Under Shadows of Nuclear Talks

10 June 2015

Nima Sharif

While talks with Iranian regime continue in order to press the mullahs to abandon their suspicious nuclear program and to prevent this government from acquiring the nuclear bomb, there has been a horrifying surge in the number of executions in the country that has gone mainly unnoticed.  The executions are carried out by hanging victims in groups and are conducted mostly in public in a way that is most inhuman and also degrading. 

Iran: Nuclear, Terrorism, and What Else?

Nima Sharif 08 June 2015

Yes, it is true that the world powers continue trying to talk the Iranian leaders to come clear with the country’s clandestine nuclear program.  And that they have also expressed grave concern over Iranian rogue role in the region, in Syria, in Iraq and Lebanon, and recently in Yemen.   But that is really not all that is shaping this picture.  There is more going on.

Maryam Rajavi calls for expansion ‘legitimate defense’ against Iran regime

27 March 2015

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, described the joint action by Arab countries against the Iranian regime’s occupation and aggression in Yemen as an extremely essential and inevitable united action which the Iranian Resistance had previously called for.

In a statement published by NCRI on Thursday, Rajavi called for the thorough expansion of this just and legitimate defense against religious fascism in Iran and its mercenaries throughout the region including Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen.

Fire Festival continues in the face of repression

18 March 2015

Paranoid mullahs ruling in Iran have banned the Fire Festival. The regime fears that the Iranian people will use the Chaharshanbe-Suri (fire festival on eve of the last Wednesday of the year in the Persian calendar) to stage popular protests against the religious dictatorship. They have resorted to extensive repressive military and security measures across the country, particularly in the country’s capital city, Tehran.

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