20 Thousand To Fight Iran’s Offensive Cyber War

28 February 2012

Stop Fundamentalism – An Iranian government center organizing the country’s Cyber war, Center for Cyber Warfare, says it has employed 20,000 people to fight the “soft war” for it, reported ISNA state-run news agency Thursday.

Iranian Quds Force Among Dead In Syria

28 February 2012

Stop Fundamentalism – Amid rising clashes in Syria between Assad forces and Syrian people, and climbing number of victims in that country as a result, an internal Iranian IRGC source says that a considerable number of bodies of revolutionary guards members killed in Syria have secretly been transferring to Iran from that country during the past few days.

Iran - Pastor of St. Paul Church in Esfahan Arrested

24 February 2012

Stop Fundamentalism – An Iranian-Christian news website, Mohabat News, says that Mr. Hekmat Salimi, the pastor of the Church of St. Paul in Esfahan was arrested in a raid by Iranian security forces on his house on February 22.

IAEA Has Serious Concerns about Military Dimensions of Iran’s Nuclear Program

24 February 2012

Stop Fundamentalism – A confidential report to be presented to the 35 member nations of the UN International Atomic Energy Agency board of directors says that the agency continues to have “serious concerns regarding possible military dimensions to Iran's nuclear program,” said Associated Press that obtained a draft of the report in advance of its submission.

The report is the latest assessment of Iran’s nuclear efforts prepared by IAEA.  It shows that Iran is rapidly speeding up its efforts to produce larger amount of higher grade uranium which can lead this country to having the capability to produce nuclear bombs.

SWIFT to Keep Iran Out of its Financial Clearinghouse

24 February 2012

Stop Fundamentalism – Worlds most import financial hub, SWIFT, will have to reconsider its relationship with all Iranian Banks once the European Union introduces its new regulations to sanction the Islamic Republic’s financial institutions, limiting their access to international financial resources.

 “The European Union is preparing regulations that will shut out Iran's banks from a major financial clearinghouse used by virtually every country in the world,” a Senior European Union official told Associated Press Thursday.  The official who wanted to stay anonymous told AP reporter that the “regulations should be adopted rather quickly.”

SWIFT, the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, which handles cross-border payments, said it is prepared to cutoff Iranian banks. 

How Damaging Stuxnet Worm Has Been to Iran’s Industry?

24 February 2012

Stop Fundamentalism Special Report

According to a state-run website, Fars News, on February 20, Saied Ahangaran, a technical deputy for the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence said that 16,000 computers are still infected by the Stuxnet Worm in Iran.  He blamed the international sanctions for this country’s inability to acquire the necessary anti-malware software and tools to combat the computer infection.

The Stuxnet’s attack on the Iranian computer systems, and specifically on computerized control systems used for turning Iranian centrifuges used for enriching uranium in this country’s suspicious nuclear program, was surfaced two years ago.  No one has taken responsibility for the development and release of the mal-ware although some reports later on speculate that only the US and Israelis could have developed the Worm due to the advanced technology used in its code. 

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