UN Nuclear Delegation Leaves Iran Empty Handed

22 February 2012

Stop Fundamentalism – United Nations team of five members left Iran today complaining about the lack of results from two times talks with this country’s officials.

“The United Nations atomic energy watchdog has voiced disappointment at the lack of progress made during a two-day visit to Iran aimed at clarifying possible military dimensions to the country’s nuclear program,” said the nuclear agency of the United Nations, IAEA in a statement today.

The team of UN exports visited Iran yesterday and today as well as three days last month.  While both parties considered the meeting constructive when the IAEA left Iran last time, it was later revealed that Iran had not allowed the UN agency to visit a top secret nuclear military site called Parchin near Tehran.

Syrian Journalists and Bloggers Arrested for Reporting Unrest

16 February 2012

Stop Fundamentalism – 14 Journalist and bloggers were arrested in a raid by the Syrian government in Damascus Thursday, reports the Committee to Protect Journalists, a nonprofit organization that aims to promote press freedom worldwide.

Syria – Crime Against Humanity in Progress

15 February 2012

Stop Fundamentalism – Latest report by the Human Rights Council of United Nations in which Syrian dictator was accused of committing ‘Crime Against Humanity’, was protested by the Iranian regime.

“This will open a new way that would undermine the UN General Assembly’s impartiality and the Islamic Republic will protest it,” said Iran’s Ambassador to the United Nations General Assembly, today.

Iran - Protesters and Police Clash in Tehran

15 February 2012

Stop Fundamentalism – Iranian dissident media reports from Tehran indicate new occurrences of demonstrations and clashes between Iranian protesters and the police.  Demonstrators chanted “death to dictator” and set fire on trash bins and clashed with security forces.

In Narmak area about 7:30 pm, police had to fire teargas into the crowd gathered there to demonstrate.

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