Iran - 7,000 rally against Ahmadinejad in New York

24 September 2009

7,000 Iranians staged a rally outside the United Nations in New York on Wednesday, to protest against the presence of the Iranian regime's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, at the United Nations. The participants declared their support for recent uprisings in Iran and the residents of Camp Ashraf in Iraq, home to members of Iran's main opposition.

Iranians protest Against Ahmadinejad outside United Nations Building in New YorkThe protesters said Ahmadinejad and the regime lacked any legitimacy in the eyes of the Iranian people, who through their uprisings during the past three months showed that they want the mullahs out.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, told the rally through a video message that the West's policy of appeasement was completely out of touch with the reality of today's Iran.

Iran – Government Organized Quds Day Demonstration Turned to Anti-government Rally

Nima Sharif 18 September 2009

Once again the world witnessed the Iranian peoples’ determination to achieve freedom.

Protest Continue in Tehran and Other Cities as wellToday, the last Friday of Ramadan, known as ‘Quds Day’ in Iran, a day historically associated with Iranian extremists.  For thirty years the ruling mullahs’ regime in Iran his used this day’s Friday cermone to campaign against Israel and justify the presence of its war and terror machine throughout the Middle East.

But this time in Tehran, Tabriz, Shiraz, Isfahan, and other cities, the Quds day events took a new turn.

Today, the Iranian people marched the streets chanting that neither Israel nor Palestine is their concern but what they care about is their own country, Iran and its freedom.

From the early hours this morning large crowds of people gathered in streets in many cities of Iran defying Basijies and Revolutionary Guards forces who tried to stop them from demonstrating.

Many clashes between the crowd and security forces have been reported and some demonstrators were arrested.

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Woman Political Prisoner in Danger of Execution

13 September 2009

Stop Fundamentalism – A Woman by the name of Zeinab Jalalian has been reportedly condemned to execution in the Iranian Kurdish city of Kermanshah. 

Iran Plitical PrisonersAccording to Kurdistan Human Rights Watch News Agency, Zeinab has been in solitary prison for two years for her political activities and connections with Kurdish parties.  The news agency also notes that she is currently ill.

Zeinab’s execution would be the first woman’s political execution in recent years in western province of Kurdistan.

A rise in the number of political exactions in Iran is feared to be in the horizon in the aftermath of the recent election protests in Tehran and other cities of Iran.

Iran - Girl Raped and Killed by Plain-Clothes Agents

07 September 2009

Stop Fundamentalism – Another young girl’s body, who was arrested by the plain-clothes Bassij forces during Iran’s recent election unrest, was found.

Sayideh Pour-Aqayi (Amayi) was the only daughter of Abass Pour-Aqayi (a veteran of the Iran-Iraq war who died two years ago).  She was arrested by Bassij forces in her home in Tehran while participating in the nightly roof-top protests. 

Reports indicate that her body was burned with acid to cover-up torture and rape evidence on her body.  She was buried in section 302 of Behesht Zahra Cemetery without the presence of any family members.

Sayideh’s mother identified her body in coroner’s office in south Tehran, twenty days after her arrest, but the body was not released to the mother.  After a few weeks the family was informed that she was buried anonymously in Behesht Zahra.

Iran - Karubi’s Student Supporters Arrested

01 September 2009

Stop Fundamentalism - Five members of a student organization associated to Ferdowsi University in Meshad have been arrested.  The names of those arrested are, Mohsen Sanati-pour, Shayan Saremi, Amin Riyahi, Mehdi Khosravi, and Eftekhar Bozorgian.

Iran unrestThe student activists were all supporters of Mehdi Karubi. Karubi was one of the presidential candidates in the recent election and a member of the ruling clergy in Iran.  He has been rather outspoken regarding the election results.

According to reports, no one knows how and why the students were arrested as well as where their whereabouts are.

Iran - Hunger Strike in Second Month, Calling for Release of Ashraf Residents

03 September 2009

Stop Fundamentalism – Hunger strike in Washington, London, Ottawa, Berlin, The Hague and Stockholm and also Ashraf in Iraq continue, calling for the release of 36 Iranian abductees from Camp Ashraf by Iraqi forces.

Hunger Strike Continues in Washington, DC and other European Cities and Ashraf, Iraq Calling for the Release of 36 AbducteesCamp Ashraf, located in Iraq near Baghdad, was attacked on June 28, 2009 by the Iraqi forces as Al-Maliki’s government tried to win favors from the Iranian regime by cracking down on its opposition.  11 camp residents were killed and over 500 wounded as the result of the attack and 36 were abducted by Iraqi forces.

The residents of the camp are all Iranian exiles who have left their country fleeing persecution by the Iranian ruling government.  They form the largest Iranian opposition movement in exile, seeking overthrow of the mullah’s in Tehran.

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