Iran - Attack on Basij Members in Tehran

01 September 2009

Stop Fundamentalism, September 1 – Two Basij members were overrun by a car in Tehran while they had stopped a young girl at a street checkpoint for investigations. 

Basij Forces riding motorcycles in Tehran streets in groups to stop the election unrest According to eyewitnesses the Basiji members acted offensively towards the girl when an unknown driver decided to take action to stop them.

The driver, who was apparently offended by the behavior of Basij members, hit the two with his car and then disappeared.

After the incident, while the street was quite busy and there were many witnesses, no one called for an ambulance or the police.

The two are hospitalized in Tehran-Pars Hospital and one of them is currently in a critical condition.

According to our sources, there have been similar incidents of attacks on members of Basij forces by civilians in Iran since the election uprisings.

Iran – Ayatollah: Actions of Government unrelated to Islam

02 September 2009

Stop Fundamentalism - Ayatollah Hossein-Ali Montazeri, a top leading Shiite cleric in Iran, has issued a statement on his website declaring that the current government in Iran is exploiting Islamic values for its own purposes.

Iran's Grand Ayatollah MontazeriMontazeri has been under house arrest for over 20 years due to his opposition to the Ayatollah Khomeini.  He was originally named the successor of the Ayatollah when the Islamic revolution succeeded to replace the shah’s regime.  He was later disqualified by Khomeini due to his opposition to mass executions of 1988. Over thirty thousand have been reported executed as the result.

He compared the current situation to the time when Iran was ruled by the late Shah, “They did many wrong things at the time but it was not under the name of religion and they did not use religion as a tool.” But now he said,” People are arrested, persecuted and many other things, all under the name of religion and Islam.”  He expressed concern that this will push young people away from Islam and religion.

Ashraf Residents on Hunger Strike for release of 36 Captive Members

Nima Sharif 20 August 2009

Stop Fundamentalism – Members of Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), the Iranian main opposition movement stationed in Iraq, are on a hunger strike after the attacks of July 28 when Iraqi forces stormed camp Ashraf killing 8 and wounding about 500 members of this community.

Iraqi attack on Ashraf residents on July 28 has claimed the lives of 11 peopleThe number of those killed has risen since the event from 8 to 11, the organization announced yesterday.

PMOI has called for the release of its 36 members who have been incarcerated by Iraqi forces.  The organization believes that they are in danger of being extradited to Iran where they will face inhuman treatment at the hands of the Iranian regime and it is concerned that the 36 members are physically and mentally in a very bad condition.

The members in camp Ashraf continue their strike to oppose the crimes committed against them on July 28.  They demand departure of the Iraqi forces from the camp and freedom of arrested members.  They also call for legal action against those who have participated in the attack.

Ali, a camp resident says, “our strike continues while food and medical supplies are blocked from entering the camp by Iraqi forces.” The strike participant adds, “The 36 members who have been abducted are injured and some are in critical condition and we worry about them.”

Iran – Arrest of Woman Jurnalist, Hengameh Shahidi at Evin Concerns Family

19 August 2009

Stop Fundamentalism - According to sources, Mrs Hengame Shahidi, a member of the Etemad Meli Party which is headed by Mehdi Karubi, has been subject to inhuman torture and abuse in prison since her arrest.

Hengameh Shahidi - Woman JurnalistShahidi who is a reputable journalist was arrested after the unrest errupted following June 12 elections in Iran.

The sources say that in order to break her, she has been given false death sentence.   To show her that the sentence is not a bluff, she has been taken for executions many times and they even put the noose around her neck.

Iran – Representative Calls to Prosecute Mehdi Karubi

19 August 2009

Stop Fundamentalism, 17 August – A representative of Ali Khamanie, the so called supreame leader of the Islamic Republic, in Revolutionary Guards Forces in Ghazvin, called for the arrest and punishment of Mehdi Karubi, former presidential candidate in the recent Iranian election.Mehdi Karubi, former presidential candidate in the recent elections in Iran

Morteza Hoseini told Sahar news Monday that Karubi should be heavily punished for the letter he wrote to Rafsanjani, the head of Iranian expediency council.

Karubi, in an open letter sent to Rafsanjani, unearthed horrifying news of torture, rape and killings of young women and men in Iranian prisons.

Iran - Prisoners Tortured by Electric Shock

19 August 2009

Stop Fundamentalism - A member of the Iranian Islamic Parliament (Majlis) who wanted to stay anonymous, reported Amir-Kabir Newsletter on 15 August, said that electric shock is used to torture prisoners in Iran’s notorious prisons.

Artist Portray of a political prisonerThe MP detailed that he went to Evin prison with a group of MPs to investigate torture of political prisoners. 

“We went to the women ward asking who had been in Kahrizak?” The MP said asking women prisoners to provide details of their treatment there. 

“One of the woman said that she was stripped bare in Kahrizak and was told to enter a barrel of water where she was administered electric shocks. “

Details of horrifying treatment of prisoners was unearthed by former presidential candidate, Mehdi Karubi, last week as he wrote of men and women prisoners being raped viciously by prison officials and investigators.

Karubi said that many of the young arrestees who are released show signs of depression and some have committed suicide.

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