Iran to Develop National Search Engine

17 January 2012

Stop Fundamentalism – Iran is planning to develop its own search engine, to replace globally used search engines such as Google or Yahoo. 

Iranian minister of communications, Reza Taghipour told Mehr state-run news agency that the plan to develop a national search engine is aiming to protect Iranian users’ privacy.

“There is no doubt that foreign search engines are in reality tools for espionage by outsiders” said Taghipour to Mehr, “We can see that in charts and figures they publish.”

Iran’s Currency Value ‘Rial’ continues to fall against Foreign Currencies

16 January 2012

Stop Fundamentalism – Heavy presence of Iranian police and security agencies in the streets of Tehran to confront illegal and uncontrolled sales of foreign currency, did not help stabilize the value of Rial today.  Dollar was sold in streets of Tehran for 17000 to 17300 Rials today which is relatively higher that its price last week.

The Iranian Central Bank has stopped providing foreign currency to foreign exchanges altogether. 

Iran Executes 12 in City of Shiraz

16 January 2012

Stop Fundamentalism – Iran executed 12 prisoners in the central city of Shiraz Sunday 15 January, report Iranian news agencies.  

Five of the prisoners were hanged in public in various locations in the city and the reset were hanged in Adelabab prison in a group execution.

Iranian Film ‘A Separation’ by Asghar Farhadi Gets Golden Globe Awards

16 January 2012

SF News – Iranian movie maker Ashrar Farhadi was in Hollywood last night to receive the Golden Globe prize for his movie ‘Nader and Simin, A Separation’ as the best foreign language film.

‘A Separation’ had received the Golden Bear Film Awards earlier in Berlin, Germany.   Two of the casts also received the Silver Bear at this festival.

Iran Threatens to Retaliate for Lost Nuke Scientist

14 January 2012

Stop Fundamentalism - An Iranian website affiliated with ruling sectors of the Iranian regime threatened western countries of retaliations for the loss of its nuclear scientists.

A deputy director of Iran’s Natanz uranium enrichment plant was killed Wednesday when a magnetic bomb exploded in his car.  The bombing took place at the anniversary of another nuclear scientist who was killed last year on the same day. Iran blames U.S. and Israel for the killing.

“Iran enters a new phase for special intelligence operations against its enemies, a task that it uniquely specializes in,” wrote the website ‘Tabnak’ yesterday adding, “The response region would be beyond our borders and regional.”

Iran Jamming Arabsat Al-Jazeera Network Television Programming

13 January 2012

Stop Fundamentalism – Al-Jazeera news network announced Tuesday that its programming signal through Arabsat is being jammed from two locations in Iran.

The Qatar-based network says it has been experiencing continuing disruptions for months on its news program and just recently found that Iran is the source for the interference.

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