Iranian Cargo Boat Carrying Oil Industry equipment sinks in Persian Gulf

21 October 2011

Stop Fundamentalism - Iranian cargo boat carrying Oil drilling equipment sinks in the Persian Gulf claiming at least 7 lives. Six others are reportedly trapped inside the boat under the water, 70 meters below the surface.

The incident took place yesterday and rescue efforts still continue as Iranian media reports indicate. There were 73 people on board the cargo boat from whom 60 have been rescued already and 7 have been confirmed dead. Rescue efforts to save the six trapped crew members continue at the moment.

Iranian reports say that the sinking has been due to technical issues but some sources more specifically described overloading to be the main cause of sinking. The boat sank just 15 miles away from its destination.

EU Sanctions Iran Five for Saudi Ambassador Terror Plot

21 October 2011


Stop Fundamentalism - The European Union said Friday that it has imposed Sanctions on five individuals believed to have participated or are responsible for the murder plot of the Saudi Ambassador in Washington Last Tuesday, said AFP.

The United States and Great Britain had announced earlier this week that they have put sections on the individuals involved.  The sanctions include asset freeze.

One man by the name of Mansour Arbabsiar, a naturalized American citizen and a former used car salesman, is currently in US custody.  US say Arbabsiar has confessed and provided information about the plot.

Iran Blames Terror Plot on Opposition, US Denies

20 October 2011

Mansour Arbabsiar

Stop Fundamentalism – Iranian officials and media are now blaming the foiled assassination attempt to kill Saudi Arabian Washington Ambassador, to Iran’s main opposition group the Mujahedin-e Khalq, MEK. 

The Iranian authorities alleged that the second conspirator, Gholam Sakuri, who currently stays at large and believed to be in Iran, is an MEK affiliate.  Washington was quick to reject the allegation and stress that Shakuri is an officer of the Quds Force which is the foreign operations arm of the Iran’s IRGC.

Khamanei to Eliminate Post of President in Iran

16 October 2011

Stop Fundamentalism - After many months of quarrel between Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamanei and his once very close president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad whom he supported during the popular protests in Iran after 2009 rigged elections, Khamanei gave hints today that it may be possible to eliminate the post of the president in the country.

Khamanei who was speaking to a crowed of university students and teachers, during his five day visit to the southwestern province of Kermanshah in Iran, stressed that the political system of Iran could change in the future to rely on parliament to choose the administrative branch of the country rather than having direct elections.

Saudi Arabia Reports Iran's Conspiracy to UN Security Council

16 October 2011


Stop Fundamentalism - Saudi Arabia is reporting Iran to the United Nation Security Council over its alleged plot to assassinate its Ambassador to Washington; A plot that was revealed by the US last week.  The move, at the minimum could lead to new series of sanctions against Iran.

Saudi Arabia' permanent mission to United Nations said Saturday that it has formally requested that the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, would inform all members of the council about the "assassination plot" against its envoy to United States.

The United States also turned in a formal complaint to the UN Security Council Friday alleging the Iranian regime to plot and plan to kill Saudi Ambassador to US.  The Complaint was presented to Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations.

Ultra High Definition TV is not so far away

15 October 2011

SF News - Ultra high-definition television (UHDTV) was demonstrated earlier this month by a Japanese public service broadcaster NHK at the ITU.  The technology has taken a major step forward to becoming reality in light of agreement on specification by technology’s leading experts, said ITU in a press release yesterday.

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