Larijani Says Iran Ready to Talk on Nuclear Issue

13 January 2012

Stop Fundamentalism – Iran’s head of parliament, Ali Larijani, announced in Turkey last night that Iran is ready to start a new round of discussion with p5+1 if they are serious.  He responded positively to Turkey’s suggestion last week that the discussions be held in neighboring Turkey.

High Representative Catherine Ashton’s office in Europe who heads the negotiation on behalf of western powers told AFP that it is yet to receive an official response to an October letter she wrote to the Islamic Republic.

Quake shakes Iran’s Northern Province of Mazandaran and Golestan

11 January 2012

Stop Fundamentalism – A moderately strong earth quake of 4.8 magnitude on the Richter scale rattled Iran’s two Northern Provinces of Mazandaran and Golestan this evening.  The shaker happened at about 8:40 pm local time Wednesday night.

The earthquake caused fear and concerns among residents of center and eastern part of Mazandaran.

Iran’s Natanz Nuclear Facility Official Dies in Bomb Blast

11 January 2012

Stop Fundamentalism – Iranian news agencies reported this morning that a key Iranian nuclear expert and a deputy director of Natanz uranium enrichment facilities, Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, 32, died today in Tehran following a bomb blast.

Falling Iranian Currency “Rial” Worries Parliament

05 January 2012

Stop Fundamentalism –Iranian Parliamentarians expressed concern about the falling value of Rial, Iran’s Currency, yesterday and blamed the crisis on Ahmadinejad’s government.  The members also criticized the Iranian parliament for inaction about the situation.

The Members of the Iranian Parliament called for a special session to discuss the matter urgently.

Iranian Rial for the past few weeks has taken a sharp nosedive and stays as low as half its value from two months ago.  Observers consider the crisis as a result of international sanction against Iran’s effort to acquire nuclear weapons.

France Says Iran is Pursuing Nuclear Arms; Wants Sanctions

03 January 2012

Stop Fundamentalism – France is taking a strong stance against Iranian government and is calling for tougher measures against the country as an answer to its ignorance of the international community’s demands to come clean about its nuclear development program.

Alain Juppe, French Minister of Foreign Affairs, told reporters that he is certain that “Iran is pursuing the development of nuclear arms.”  He said that last IAEA report was “quite explicit on this point.” 

Iran Sets Cyber Crime Policy ahead of New Elections

01 January 2012

Stop Fundamentalism – An official of Iran’s Judiciary announced new limitations on using cyber space and content publishing on the internet ahead of the upcoming parliamentary elections.

“Publishing criminal content is a crime,” said Abdol-Samad Khoramabadi to news reporters Sunday, referring to using the internet to expose the undemocratic nature of elections in Iran where only certain people approved by authorities get to participate.

Just last week a number of top officials speaking at Friday sermons held across the country said clearly that only those completely dedicated to the Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, should be allowed to enter Majlis (Parliament).

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