Iran Delays Missile Test to talk to Europe on Nuke Program

31 December 2011

Stop Fundamentalism – The Iranian regime has proposed a new round of talks with the west about its suspicious nuclear development program.

The Islamic Republic planed earlier to test its long-range shore-to-sea missiles amid ten-day naval war games to show its ability to control one of the most vital international waterways for oil trade, the Strait of Hormuz. But it suddenly announced it is postponing the test to a later date when Iran’s nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili invited the five members of the United Nations Security Council plus Germany to a new round of talks on it nuclear program in a letter to EU’s High Representative Catherine Ashton, today.  At the same time a European Union official announced that it is open to a new round of talks without any preconditions.

Count down to 2012, the Year of the Dragon

31 December 2011

SF News – Organizers of the Hong Kong New Year Celebrations which will be broadcast worldwide via satellite invite their audiences to tune in to see the “flying Dragon Leap for a Prosperous 2012”. 

The Hong Kong New Year Countdown will last a whole 4 minutes ending with a “golden dragon” spiral up.  More than 400, 000 people are expected to show up for the event that cost nearly a million Dollars.

US to Sell F-15 Fighter Jets to Saudi Arabia

30 December 2011

Stop Fundamentalism – Saudi Arabia has accepted an offer to purchase 84 F-15 fighter jets from the United States.  The deal is aimed at improving Saudi’s military capabilities in the Middle East region, says an Obama administration official.

According to this contract 84 new fighter jets and also upgrades, munitions, spare parts, training, maintenance, and logistics will be provided for the 70 F-15 jets the Saudi Arabia already owns, will be delivered, Assistant Secretary Andrew Shapiro in a State Department Special Briefing .

Iran Takes a Tough Pose – US Can’t Tell Us What to do with Hormuz Strait

29 December 2011


Stop Fundamentalism – An Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) commander told news media today that the Americans are not in a position or place to tell us whether or not we can close the Strait of Hormuz. 

“If our interests are threatened, we will reply with stronger threats and will not shy away from advancing our strategic aims,” said IRGC commander Hussein Salami today.

Iranian Political Prisoner, Behrooz Javid-Tehrani Freed

28 December 2011

Stop Fundamentalism – A prominent Iranian political prisoner, Behrooz Javid-Tehrani , who was arrested as a student activist for having contact with anti-regime groups has been released, says HRA News Agency, the Iranian dissident Human Rights Activists.

Javid-Tehrani was 19 years old when first he was arrested and overall has spent 11 years in different Iranian prisons for political reasons.

International Sanctions at Work - Iranian Economy Choking

27 December 2011

Stop Fundamentalism – The economic sanctions imposed on Iran by the international community to force this country abandon its suspicious nuclear program is beginning to show major signs of effect on the country’s economy.

Dollar has just taken another jump reaching 1510 Tomans in Iran’s internal market.  That is 45 Tomans rise in just a day.  In recent weeks Dollar’s value has almost doubled showing Iran’s economy to be completely out of control.

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