Surge of Brazilians Coming to America

27 December 2011

SF News – The United States State Department says that the number of Brazilians who requested travel visa’s to the US rose 42 percent comparing to the year 2010.  The department processed a record number of 820,000 visa applications at its Mission to Brazil last year, says a statement posted on State Department’s website.

To deal with the surge the department has had to deploy temporary employees to US Embassy in Brasilia and to US Consulates in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Recife cities until permanent ones can be sent in. 

Iran Navy Shows off New Ships During Drill

24 December 2011

Stop Fundamentalism – Iranian Naval ships took to the sea today covering a distance of about 2000 kilometers east of Strait of Hormuz to the Persian Gulf and then Gulf of Aden.  The parade kicked off Iran’s 10 day display of sea power using ships and submarines.  During these maneuvers Iran’s Navy will be closing the Strait of Hormus as part of the drill.

The Iranian Navy, trying to show some might to the west, has been threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz in the event of an attack by the west due to its clandestine nuclear weapons program.   The Strait of Hormuz is the most important sea pathway for international oil trade.

Syria - 111 Villagers Killed in a Raid by Assad Military Forces

21 December 2011

Stop Fundamentalism - While Bashar Al-Assad's government has agreed to accept Arab League's proposal to allow a team of its observers into Syria by Thursday, the government forces seem to have stepped up crackdown on the civilian population of the country, according to reports by activists in Syria.

On Tuesday, government forces advanced on the northwestern village of Kfar Owaid, completely surrounding the village.  When villagers started to fleeing to save their own lives, government forces surrounded them outside the village and then started shelling and shooting at the them. 

Egyptians Rally to Condemn Violence against Women by Military

21 December 2011


Stop Fundamentalism – Cairo has been the scene of more unrest recently with many Egyptians protesting violent and suppressive actions of the interim military government that has come to power since the fall of this country’s Dictator Hosni Mubarak who resigned earlier this year in February.

Specifically there have been many reports of mistreating, abusive and violent behavior towards Egyptian women by the military soldiers.  A video clip surfaced earlier last week showing an Egyptian women being beaten and subjected to degrading treatment in the streets by soldiers.  The video showed the women being pulled by her hair while another soldier stumped on her chest.

Chilean Girl Hopes for Survival after Separation from Twin Sister

21 December 2011

Stop Fundamentalism – After a surgical separation of the 10-months-old Chilean conjoined twins last Tuesday and the passing away of one of the twins, Maria Jose Paredes Navarrete, who died of complications following the surgery, Chilean Doctors are now optimistic for the other twin’s survival, said AP Wednesday.

Maria Paz, the second twin, woke up for the first time yesterday giving a positive sign to Doctors describing her condition as favorable.

Bahraini Woman Protester, Blogger Arrested By Police - AI

19 December 2011

Stop Fundamentalism – Amnesty International called for the release of the Bahraini female activist, and blogger Zainab Al-Khawaja today who was seen dragged away by Bahrain government forces in a peaceful demonstration.  She was then reportedly beaten away from the view of the cameras.

Al-Khawaja is the daughter of the prominent human rights and opposition activist Abdelhadi al-Khawaja. Her father and husband were already in prison arrested for attending demonstrations earlier this year.

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