International Right Groups Want Strong Stance on Syria by UN

30 September 2011

Stop Fundamentalism – International right groups are calling on all United Nations Security Council Ambassadors to support a strong resolution on violations of human rights in Syria by Bashar Al-Assad’s government against Syrian protesters and dissidents. 

In a joint letter, eight international watch and advocacy groups expressed concern over ongoing violations in Syria that would very likely “amount to crimes against humanity.”

“Since mass protests began in mid-March,” wrote in their joint letter, the groups said, “The United Nations has estimated at least 2600 civilians have been killed across Syria.” 

Iran Central Bank Director - Dollar Value to Go Down

29 September 2011


Stop Fundamentalism - Mahmoud Bahmani, Iranian director of the Central Bank said Wednesday that people will notice a fall on Dollar prices during the next few days, reported Iran’s state-run news agency IRNA.

“What is observed as ups and downs in the market for US Dollar is due to problems in the international economy,” said Bahmani adding, “Internally, we are planning to stabilize the currency.”

 “We don’t determine the value of Dollar but we try to stabilize the price working with supply and demand in the market,” said Bahmani.

Iranian Christian’s Death Sentence Draws International Condemnations

29 September 2011

Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani in Iranian Prinson

Stop Fundamentalism – Iranian Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, a leading church figure in Iran has been condemned to death by the Iranian government and his death sentence could be carried out imminently.

Nadarkhani who is 30 years old, became the pastor of the evangelical community in Iran when he converted to Christianity from Islam at the age of 19, reports AFP.

He was arrested and charged with apostasy in 2009 and was later sentenced to death by the Iranian regime Judiciary.

Syria – 17 Protesters Killed, Heavy Gunfire and Explosions Reported

29 September 2011

Stop Fundamentalism - Syrian Activists say 17 protesters have been killed in clashes when army opened fire on demonstrators in various regions of the country. Most heavily hit was the city of Rastan in Homs province where at least 14 protesters died Wednesday, say Syrian Human Rights Observers. 

Reports indicate that the Syrian army has stepped up its operation in the Homs province and heavy gunfire and explosions can be heard in various areas.

Iranian University Women to Use Separate Doors to Enter Classes

29 September 2011

Stop Fundamentalism - HRA News Agency reported Monday that following the new sex segregation measures put in to effect in Iranian universities, female students in the Science and Art University have had to use separate doors to enter classrooms since the beginning of the new school session.

Students say they noticed a thick and dark curtain covering the entry designated to women on the first day of classes.  Security agents hid by the curtain and forced female students to pass through these doors to enter classrooms where they were checked for proper Islamic dress code, say the students.

Iran’s Home Grown Gmail is called Chmail

29 September 2011

SF News – Said Salarian, a deputy to Iran’s Informatics Council introduced a Farsi language free email system, yesterday called “chmail”. The Online service is expected to begin operation in mid December.

Salarian highlighted that the will be no need to identification cards in order to sign up for the service.

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