Iran military and Security forces staged maneuvers – definit show of fear of internal unrest

13 November 2006

Stop Fundamentalism, Nov 13 – Quassem Mollaii, commander of Tehran’s Basij force declared a series of maneuvers in the 10 regions of the province. These maneuvers that began on November 9 will continue for 9 days. 

In the city of Gachsaran [Khuzestan province], Moussavi said: “This maneuver is to continue for 10 days and will include confronting unrests and defending streets.”

Iran – Couple reported hanged in May, were actually stoned to death

03 November 2006

Stop Fundamentalism, November 3, 2006 - According to Rooz daily, a state-run publication in Iran, “A man and a woman identified as Abbass H. and Mahboubeh M. were stoned to death in the northern city of Mashhad.

“Mahboubeh and Abbass were treated as if they were dead already.”  The daily stated, “According to Islamic rituals, they were cleaned and wrapped in white shrouds by the undertaker while still alive. Being a female, Mahboubeh was buried alive up to her shoulders, and Abbass was buried in the ground, up to his waist. Then, they were stoned to a gradual death.” d, in Iran during May 2006.”

Kurdish rebels accuse Iran of shelling villages inside Iraq

19 August 2006

SULAIMANIYAH, Iraq, Aug 18, 2006 (AFP) - Kurdish rebels on Friday accused Iranian forces of shelling several villages inside northern Iraq, killing two civilians and forcing many to flee the region after two days of strikes.

Ahmadinejad launches his own blog

14 August 2006

mahmoud ahmadinejadAgencies, August 14 - Iranian hardliner President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has launched his own web log.

Iran’s state-controlled television announced the launch of his weblog with his first posting, titled ‘autobiography’ explaining his childhood, the Islamic revolution and the country’s war with Iraq.

Iran hangs Afghan in public

11 August 2006

Bam, Iran, August 8 – A young Afghan man was hanged in public on Monday on a highway close to the ancient city of Bam, southern Iran, the government-run news agency Fars reported.

The man, identified as Najib Karzahi, was hanged in public in the presence of the deputy commander of a local Revolutionary Guards garrison, Qassem Rezai; the governor of Bam, Majid Etemadi; and a number of other provincial officials.

Political prisoner and student activist dies at the hands of Iranian regime

01 August 2006

political prisoner diesStop Fundamentalism, August 1 – Mr. Akbar Mohammadi who was arrested during Iran’s nationwide protests seven years ago by the students died in Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison late Sunday several days after he started a hunger strike.

Mohammadi was given 15 years in prison for taking part in the organization the July 1999 student-led anti-government protests that erupted across the country.

In an interview with the state-run news agency ISNA, the director of regime's prisons in Tehran Province, Sohrab Soleimani, said, "Yesterday, Akbar Mohammadi was in perfect condition and upon his request and after the doctor’s check, he was released from the prison hospital and taken back to his ward."

Mohammadi died on the ninth day of his hunger strike. A week after beginning the protest, he refused to take liquids.  Sources say Mohammadi was beaten severely by prison guards prior to his death.

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