Catherine Ashton, EU High Representative Names Camp Ashraf Envoy

28 September 2011


Stop Fundamentalism – Jean De Ruyt, an experienced Belgian diplomat and the former Belgium’s Representative to the European Union, was appointed by Catherine Ashton, EU High Representative and Vice President to advise her on this union’s response to the situation at Camp Ashraf in Iraq.

De Ruyt will work with the EU member states and members of the European Parliament and also Iraq and the United States to advise the High Representative on how to solve the situation in Camp Ashraf, says a statement released by the office of High Representative today.

Iranian Women’s Rugby Team heads to India

28 September 2011


SF News - Iranian women’s Rugby team is heading to India to participate in the Asia’s Woman competition there.  13 teams will be participating in these games which will take place on 2-3 October.

Syrian Opposition In Search of Leadership

Nima Sharif 27 September 2011

Nima Sharif
After six months has passed since the start of the popular uprising in Syria against the rule of Assad family; a real political alternative is yet to be established by the opposition.  This gives the ruling government the chance to hold on to power while being crushed by ongoing protests and demonstrations and international condemnations for the killing of over 2700 of its citizens in the nationwide clashes.

Sharq Alawsat, a major Arabic language newspaper published in London, reported that after many conferences and forums and coalitions forming, yet a political alternative to represent the opposition and the people in streets of Syria is far from reach.

Dollar up in Iran’s Open Market

27 September 2011

SF News - Dollar was sold in Iran’s open market at 1295 Tomans today.  That is a new high for Dollar in Iran’s currency market. 

That is about 16 percent higher than the official price announced by Iran’s Central Bank.  Central Bank said that it sold each Dollar for 1077 Tomans today.

Oslo - 4 Asylum Seekers Maybe Returned to Iran

27 September 2011

Stop Fundamentalism – BBC Farsi programming reported Monday that 4 Iranian asylum seekers in Norway may be returned to Iran after their application for asylum was rejected by the authorities in Oslo.

The extradition will take place after 48 hours of notification.  The applicants whose requests are rejected have a chance to leave the country within the time frame specified.  Those who voluntarily leave receive about 400 Dollars of financial compensation.

Head of Iran’s National Bank (Bank Meli) Resignes

27 September 2011

Stop Fundamentalism - Iranian state-run Mehr news agency reported today that the resignation of the director of the Bank-e Meli, Mahmoud Khavari, has been accepted by the minister of economy.

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