Cleric Calls to Ban Showing Women Sports Pictures in Iran Media

08 June 2010

A cleric in Iran announced Friday that broadcasting women pictures engaged in sports activity is forbidden by Islamic laws. 

Namazi, who was conducting the Friday sermon in the city of Kashan emphasized that women should only attend their homes.   He asked members of the mullahs’ parliament to “set occupational priorities for women and send them back to their main job (housekeeping).” 

He complained about some state-run television stations broadcasting women participating in shooting sports while all filming crew and bystanders were men.  He emphasized that “women sports event should not be televised at all.”

Iranian Prisoner to End Hunger Strike or Face Execution

03 June 2010

A political prisoner currently on death row has been on a hunger strike since May 12 and is determined to continue.

A judge threatened Habibollah Golparipour, the striking prisoner that his execution will be carried out immediately if he does not end his hunger strike.

“I know I will be hanged soon.” said Golparipour in response to the judge, continuing that, “I would rather die my own way and will do it in way that would bring shame to you.”

Hunger Strike to Save Life of Iranian Political Prisoner

27 May 2010

Majid TavakoliStop Fundamentalism - Following reports of deteriorating health conditions of Iranian political prisoner, Majid

Tavakoli, who is on his 5th day of a dry hunger strike, his mother and a number of other political prisoners, have started a hunger strike in his support.

Tavakoli, a student activist from Tehran Institute of Technology, started a dry hunger strike last Sunday when he was transferred to a solitary prison.

How the Iraq elections affect Iran's plans for dominating the region

18 April 2010

Shahriar Kia

The recent Iraqi parliamentary elections were of tremendous importance. However, the main outcome should be sought through the development of the Iraqi political society and the shift in the balance of power in Iran and in Iraq.

The clock is ticking as Iranian regime gets closer to the bomb

14 April 2010

Shahriar Kia
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The G-8 held negotiations in Canada on new round of sanctions against Iran to stop its uranium enrichment ambitions last week. Agreements and progressions were reached among the eight industrial nations of the world regarding fresh measures against Iran, officials involved in talks said. Of course, what the negotiation results will accomplish, taking into consideration that the past eight years have only bought Iran time to inch closer to the bomb, is something time has to tell. In today’s world, political and security crises have different roots.

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