Yemen After Return of Abdullah Saleh

26 September 2011

Stop Fundamentalism - Reports from Sanaa, Yemen indicate that at least 40 people have been killed yesterday when fighting broke out after the surprised Friday return of President Ali Abdullah Saleh from Saudi Arabia.  In total, over 100 people have been killed last week.

Saleh was in Saudi Arabia for apparent treatment of wounds he had received when his quarters were hit by rockets fired by rebels back in June.

President Obama, Up Hold the Law, Delist MEK

Nima Sharif 26 September 2011

Nima Sharif
President Obama, the lives of 3400 Iranian refugees in Camp Ashraf, members of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), rests in your hands.  They were wrongly designated as a terrorist organization during past administrations while they are truly a democratic resistance movement.  The Iranian regime and the government of Iraq that we helped to power now consider United State’s terrorist designation of the MEK as a license to kill.  Keeping MEK on the list is literally a green light for those governments to massacre all 3400 unarmed residents of Ashraf.

Iran Tops Group E Asian Qualifier Games for World Cup Brazil 2014

25 September 2011


As FIFA, the international organizer of the World Cup Soccer games, starts its countdown  at 1000 days away from the 2014 Brazil games, Iran tops the Asian qualifier chart in Group E followed by Bahrain, Qatar, and Indonesia in that respect.

When the 1000 days countdown is over, 32 qualifying national teams will meet in Brazil to start the games that will decide who the champion for the next four years will be.

Young Woman’s Death Anger's Syrian Protesters

25 September 2011

Stop Fundamentalism - Clashes between demonstrators and Syrian military and government forces continued throughout last week leaving many protesters dead.  Also reports of activists being killed and tortured at the hands of government forces and the level of brutality used is capturing much media attention nowadays. 

One major disturbing story has been about an 18-year-old girl named Zeinab al-Hassani whose mutilated body was found by her mother apparently on accident as she was trying to get the body of her activist sun from the government forces. 

Iran - Young Girl Dies during Police Attack on a Party

24 September 2011

Stop Fundamentalism – A young girl attending a private party at a friend’s apartment has died due to receiving head injuries after falling off the sixth story of the building, when the police attempted to arrest her and her other friends said Iran’s Police in Khorasan province Thursday.

The police that was monitoring the building for some time, according to the head of police, Naser Najarian, decided to raid the building on Wednesday night after observing a number of young boys and girls entering it.

Iran – Satelite Equipment Confiscated in Mazandaran Province

24 September 2011

Stop Fundamentalism - Iranian human rights news agency, an in exile news provider, reported today that head of police in Mazandaran province has reported the confiscation of 600, 000 piece of satellite program receiving equipment in this province.

According to the Iranian state-run news agency ISNA, Tagavi, the head of Mazandaran Police told reporters that, “The plan to collect satellite dishes and equipment in the Mazandaran Province is in-line with plans to raise Security in the country.”

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