Wikileaks: Mass Surveillance Equipment Sold to Dictators by Western Companies

05 December 2011

Stop Fundamentalism - During the outbreak of social discontent in Iran back in 2009, many activists who used their mobile phones and public internet connections to make the international community aware of what was going on in the streets were quickly arrested by regime agents. Those dissidents who managed to escape the country after or during the unrest expressed anger at those western companies who have provided the Iranian dictators with the most sophisticated electronic equipments to filter, monitor, and track down dissidents.

The stories that used to come from Iran at time were so unbelievable that for some time people ignored the cries of those telling it as scince fiction and credited the quick response by Iranian Intelligence forces to their intelligence.  But soon the world found out who has been giving away Iranian protesters to mullahs security forces.

Two Members of Basij Forces Killed in Iran

05 December 2011

Stop Fundamentalism – Iran Fars News agency affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards Corps, IRGC, reported Monday that two members of Basij forces have died in clashes in eastern province of Sistan-Balouchestan.

“The two died in a terrorist operation staged by foreign collaborators”, said the IRGC’s public relations office in the province to Fars news.

American Reconnaissance Drone Crashes in Iran

05 December 2011

Stop Fundamentalism – An American reconnaissance Drone plan has crashed in eastern part of Iran, reported Iranian news agencies, Sunday.

“Tehran will respond to the violation of its airspace by the American plane,” reports the Iranian Fars News website affiliated to IRGC adding, “The response will be beyond Iranian borders.”

Iran Executed 37 People in November

04 December 2011


Stop Fundamentalism – Iranian regime executed 37 people last month including one woman in the western city of Kermanshah, reported Iranian opposition sources yesterday.

Five of the executions took place in public.

Eleven prisoners were executed together in a group in central city of Shiraz.

Camp Ashraf - Deadly Countdown to Catastrophe

01 December 2011

Stop Fundamentalism - Only a month remains for the Iranian exile refugees in Camp Ashraf as the Iraqi government continues to threaten the resident that it will close the camp at the end of the year.  Many fear this may be a death call for many of the unarmed residents in the camp.  The Iranian opposition sounds the alarms and calls on Europe to respond quickly in a conference held in Residence Palace in Brussels, Wednesday.

Earlier this year in April, Iraqi forces raided the camp killing at least 34 residents and wounding hundreds some by Iraqis shooting directly at them.

The remaining one month scheduled by Iraqi government to close Camp Ashraf should be considered an alarming issue for European Foreign Ministers to send a strong message to Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. 

Iranian Authorities Deny Explosion in Isfehan

28 November 2011

Satellite image of Isfahan nuclear facilities

Stop Fundamentalism – Iranian officials are rejecting news of an explosion near the central city of Isfahan after some news agencies reported a terrifying explosion sound that was heard in various parts of the city Monday.  Reports also indicate fire trucks started moving rapidly inside the city sounding sirens following the sound.

A security official in Isfahan categorically denied the existence of any reports about an explosion sound in the city saying no agency has reported hearing it.

An explosion that occurred two weeks ago in an IRGC ballistic missile base near Tehran killing up to 36 IRGC personnel according to some reports including Iran’s top military missile expert, General Hasan Moghaddam .  Observers believe Moghaddam was there to test fire a new missile when something went wrong and the missile exploded.

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