High Rep. Catherine Ashton Will Ask EU 27 to Accept Ashraf Residents

24 November 2011

Stop Fundamentalism – High Representative Catherine Ashton is going to ask the 27 member countries of the European Union to take in those residents of Camp Ashraf who have links to them, said an anonymous official to AP Thursday.

This will make a big portion of the total number of residents in the camp.  However the actual number has not been disclosed yet.

Iran Told to Back Off its Nuclear Weapons Program

22 November 2011

Stop Fundamentalism - The Obama administration unveiled a new list of Iranian financial sanctions designed to force Iran to back off from its aggressive nuclear ambitions and activities, Monday.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a joint press conference with Secretary of Treasury, Timothy Geithner, announced the new initiative to further press Iran after the release of a report by United Nations’ Nuclear agency.

“President Obama signed an executive order that, for the first time, specifically targets Iran’s Petro-chemical industry,” Clinton told reporters at the press conference.

Kuwaiti Journalists in Iranian Prisons

17 November 2011

Stop Fundamentalism – Iran arrested a Kuwaiti TV reporter and his cameraman on November 11, says Reporters without Borders.  The journalists were arrested in the Iranian southern city of Abadan on charges of spying and entering the country illegally. The two journalists, Adel Al-Yahya and Raed Al-Majed, work for Al-Adalah television station which apparently is owned by a Shiite businessman close to Tehran, says the right group.

“The two men work for a privately-owned TV station and were making a program of a social nature,” said a Kuwaiti official to AFP rejecting Iran’s allegation that the two were involved in espionage activities against Iran.  He stressed that they had entered Iran holding a visa.

Kuwait says it maintains contact with Iranian authorities to see their release as soon as possible.

Arab League and Turkey on Syrian Crisis

17 November 2011

Stop Fundamentalism - Arab league members and Turkey jointly called for immediate protection of protesters in Syria as Assad regime’s violence against them continues.  The foreign ministers had come together in Rabat for a crisis meeting on Syria to plan on how to stop further bloodshed in that country.

The statement released in Rabat today also urged for non-interference by foreign countries. There have been reports of bus loads of tugs and militias coming in to Syria from Iraq to help Assad crackdown on Syrian demonstrators.  Iran and Iraq have been outspoken supporters of Assad regime since the start of uprising in that country back in March.

21 people were killed in Syria today by gunshots fired by security forces in various parts of the country, said Aljazeera television.

Car Maker To Encourage Electric Car Usage

15 November 2011

SF News – The idea of being able to use an electric car in replacement of current fossil fuel ones in many ways is attractive.  One most important of all could be that, mankind can once again breathe fresh air.  And with all the troubles in the Middle East and gasoline price hikes, the idea of using electric cars is beginning to sound quite attractive to car buyers nowadays.  But when it gets to filling up the gas tank (sorry charging the battery), not everyone wants to deal with the problems coming with an electric car. 

There are two main obstacles in the way of using electricity rather than gas to make your car go.  First is that it take much longer for a battery to be charged (at least for now) than a gas tank to be filed. Second would be the availability of battery charge stations (rather than gas stations).

It seems now car makers are stepping in to solve this problem or at least take a step forward in that direction.

Syria’s Opposition Welcomes Arab Decision, Foreign Embassies Ransacked by Assad Supporters

14 November 2011

Stop Fundamentalism - Following Arab League decision to suspend Syrian government if it does not comply with calls by the group to stop crackdown on its people and allow for a smooth transition of power by Wednesday, the Syrian National Council welcomed Arab countries siding with the Syrian people and their struggle to achieve freedom.

Dr. Burhan Ghalioun, chairman of the Syrian opposition Transitional National Council told an Arabic news program that the vote on Saturday was a political victory for the Syrian people and a major setback for Bashar Al-Assad’s regime

“It is everyone’s aim to topple the regime in Syria and we are on our way to form the National government,” said Ghalioun to Aljazeera TV reporter.

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