Insider Says Tehran Blast Killed and Wounded Hundreds

13 November 2011

Stop Fundamentalism – A Persian Language dissident website, Human Rights Activists for Democracy in Iran ( reported today that according to its sources in Iran, Saturday’s blasts in a Iranian Revolutionary Guards Force military base in southwest of Tehran, has left hundreds killed or injured.

One of the military personnel at the base who wanted to remain anonymous told HRDAI reporter that between 170 to 300 IRGC personnel have been badly injured or killed as a result of the blasts.

The IRGC base which is a major top secret ballistic missile site is 46 kilometers southwest of the Capital city of Tehran but the blasts were so strong they were felt by residents in the eastern part of the city. A major part of the military base was destroyed by the blasts.

Arab League Suspends Syria’s Membership unless Peace Plan Implemented

12 November 2011

Stop Fundamentalism – Arab League members met today in Cairo to evaluate the situation in Syria.  The group of countries decided to suspend Syrian’s membership in the league within 4 days if President Bashar Al-Assad continues to defy the international community in ending the violence against his people and stop the massive crackdown on dissent in that country.

The suspension will go into effect if Assad’s government does not submit to the peace plan designed to end violence started back in March in which over 3500 people have been killed up until now by government forces, according to the latest tally by United Nations.

Arab League also called for more economic and political sanctions to be imposed on Syria and for discussion channels to be opened with this country’s opposition, facilitating transition of power.

Up Coming 'Northern Lights' Spectacle - Visible In Many Places on Earth

08 November 2011

SF News - A large sunspot directed toward our planet caused a spectacular view of what is called aurora or ‘northern lights’ in southern US last week.  But a space watch website, predicts that even more people around the world may be able to take a glimpse at the nature’s lightshow over the next two weeks.

The northern lights or aurora phenomenon is caused by the collision of charged particles with earth’s atmosphere in the high altitude.   These particles are contained in what is called the solar wind.

The large sunspot that occurred last week unleashed solar flares toward our planet containing highly charged particles in large amounts.

Death Toll in Syria Over 3500 Says UN Agency

08 November 2011

Stop Fundamentalism – A spokeswoman for the office of the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights updated the death toll for victims of the Syrian government’s crackdown on its people to 3500 people, today.

Ravina Shamdasani, who was speaking to reporters in Geneva at OHCHR, said that, “We are deeply concerned about the situation and by the (Syrian) Government's failure to take heed of international and regional calls for an end to the bloodshed.”

The Syrian troops have been using tanks and heavy artillery to pound cities and civilians in a bid to control the unrest.  Some cities remain under siege for days now, said Shamdasani.

House Committee Approves Amendment to Protect Camp Ashraf

02 November 2011

Stop Fundamentalism – Members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee on both sides of the isle unanimously approved an amendment to a bill that called to protect the 3400 residents of the Iranian dissident Camp Ashraf which is located northeast of Baghdad today, reported AP. The Bill is designed to impose yet harder sanctions on Iran.

"If history is any guide, it will see another massacre," said Judge Ted Poe, R-Texas, refereeing to two tragic previous incidents at the camp in which almost 50 residents died when Iraqi military units opened fire on the unarmed population of the camp.

Baghdad says it intends to close the camp by the end of 2011 despite international calls that the date is not realistic as the United Nations High Commission for Refugees is trying to process individual applications of the camp residents to be able to resettle them in third countries.

Camp Ashraf – A Humanitarian Catastrophe Looming at Iranian Refugee Camp in Iraq

31 October 2011

Stop Fundamentalism – European Conservative MEP, Struan Stevenson, said to AFP today that 180 Members of the European Parliament from different political groups signed a statement calling for the postponement of the declared December 31 deadline by Baghdad to close Camp Ashraf, home of 3400 Iranian refugees.

Iraq’s Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said in a press conference held in Baghdad today that, “Based on agreements made, members of the MEK will be expelled from Iraq at the end of 2011 and should be transferred to third countries.”  It was unclear whom Iraqi government had made this agreement with.

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