Filtering SMS Communication in Iran

30 October 2011

Stop Fundamentalism – While the Iranian Ministry of Communication is officially filtering internet, SMS message filtering has not been yet confirmed by authorities. But some observations by Iranian service subscribers show that such system is in place and being used. 

A member of the Iranian parliament (Majlis), Ali Akbar Olia told reporters today that “There seems to be a problem with the SMS system.”  He refused to call it censorship.  “For example if you include the word ‘meeting’ in your SMS, it will not be sent.”

Iran wants to be Role Model for Arab Spring Nations

29 October 2011

Stop Fundamentalism – Head of Iranian Islamic Culture and Communication Agency, Mohammad Bagher Khoramshad, told reporters today that the Islamic Republic is ready to share its experience and scientific accomplishments with the Muslim people of Egypt.   This is yet another attempt by Iranian officials to show their aspiration to expand their version of Islamic government in nations that are freeing themselves from dictatorships in Arab Spring.

Since the Arab Spring started Iranian regime has not tried to hid its interest to be a role modle for the people of the region to follow.  But recently even the most fanatic Islamic groups in the region are keeping distance and expressing despise from the regime.

Google Gives 100 Million Dollars for YouTube Program Production

29 October 2011

SF News – Google is giving away a total of $100 Million to producers to come up with YouTube original programming, reported Associated Press from people familiar with the matter.

The money is an advance on advertising income Google expects the new entertainment venture will bring in. 

YouTube is a popular online Video depository owned by Google which enables users to upload and watch videos.  While many of the users are armature videographers, there are some professional content creators on the medium who actively contribute videos through YouTube content channels. 

Syrian Unrest Continues to Claim Lives

28 October 2011

Stop Fundamentalism – At least 30 protesters died in Syrian cities across the country today in clashes between government security forces and demonstrators, activists reported to Associated Press.  Most deaths apear to have taken place in the city of Homs.

The United Nations last estimated that the number of those killed in Syria by government forces since the demonstrations began in mid March is over 3000.

Who is General Gholam Shakuri of Iranian Quds Force?

25 October 2011

Stop Fundamentalism – An Iranian dissident website,, revealed information from internal Iranian sources  about the identity of the second perpetrator of the assassination plot in Washington, today.

According to the website, General Gholam Shakuri is an Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps commander assigned to Quds forces.  His complete name is “Behnam Gholam Shakuri” born in the city of Hamedan.  He currently carries a rank of General in IRGC.

Shakuri joined the Revolutionary Guards after the Iranian revolution in 1979, when Ayatollah Khomeini ousted Mohammad Reza Shah’s regime. He fought in the Iran-Iraq war and was one of the elements of torture and crackdown on the Iranian opposition during the 1980s and participated in the 1988 massacre of political prisoners in that country.

Belgium – Iranians and Europeans Warn of Looming Massacre in Iraq

Rob Writer 23 October 2011

Special Report By: Rob Writer

Urgent and vigorous action should be taken by European Union nations and the United States to force the Iraqi government to cancel its 31 December deadline for the closure of Camp Ashraf, say prominent international figures.

Distinguished political figures from the EU and US are alarmed that Iraq, in its imposition of the stringent deadline, is determined to hamper efforts to relocate the residents, members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran, outside Iraq.

The calls come as the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) warns that Iraq, at the behest of Iran, is preparing a new attack against the camp that could lead to another massacre. The information are based on Iranian Resistance sources inside Iran.

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