FIFA Appoints Security Expert for Iran-Bahrain Brazil 2014 Wrold Cup Qualifier

07 October 2011

Stop Fundamentalism - While the Iranian media still brag about their Football (Soccer) team’s 7-0 win Wednesday against Palestine in Tehran’s Azadi Stadium in preparation of the upcoming match on October 11 against Bahrain, in Group E qualifier for Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup Football games, FIFA has appointed a security expert to observe the “high risk” game next week.  The game will be played amid rising tensions between the two countries.

In an earlier game this year between the Iranian Piroozi team and Saudi’s Al-lttihad, Iranians fans in the stadium chanted slogans against the Saudi’s and clashed with the police.  The Iranians blame the Saudi’s for a crackdown on Bahraini protesters in what is come be known as Arab Spring.

UN Updates Syrian Protests Death Toll to 2900

06 October 2011

Stop Fundamentalism – A day after a United Nations Security Council draft resolution, strongly worded to condemn Syrian government’s violence against its own people, is vetoed by Russian and China, the United Nations’ human rights office raises the official death toll in Syrian protests to 2900 today.  The outbreak of protests and demonstrations happened back in March and many more people have been arrested and tortured since then.

“The total number has passed 2900 according to the list of individual names we have been compiling,” said Rupert Colville from the Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights to the UN News reporter.  He added that the previews tally stood at 2700 according to UN official records.

Iran Wins Palestine, Eyes Bahrain Match in World Cup Qualifier

06 October 2011

SF News – Iranian media brag about thier Football (Soccer) team’s 7-0 win yesterday against Palestine in Tehran’s Azadi Stadium in preparation of the upcoming match on October 11 against Bahrain, in Group E qualifier for Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup Football games.

The qualifying match will also be held at the Azadi Stadium in Tehran next Tuesday.

Iranian Football Team Prepares for Brazil 2014 World Cup Games

05 October 2011




SF News – To prepare for its October 11 World Cup Football (Soccer) FIFA qualifying match against Bahrain, Iran is to play a friendly warm-up game against Palestinians Wednesday at the Azadi Stadium in Tehran.

Palestinians have already arrived in Tehran and will be practicing in Azadi Stadium Tuesday evening.

China and Russia Veto Security Council Draft Resolution on Syrian Protesters Crackdown

05 October 2011

Stop Fundamentalism – A strong condemnation on the Crackdown on Syrian pro-democracy protesters by the government of Bashar Al-Assad in the United Nations Security Council has been voted down by Russia and China today, reports the UN New Center.

Over 2700 people have been killed since the break out of popular protests in Syria in March and many have been detained and tortured in jails by the government authorities in that country in an attempt to clampdown on the protests.

Recent fallouts of the Syrian army have been forming armed groups to resist against military forces of Bashar Assad as a development that could raise the protests into a nationwide armed conflict for freedom.

Iranian Kurdish Political Prisoner Hanged on Charges of Moharebe

05 October 2011

Stop Fundamentalism – HRA news agency reported today that a Kurdish prisoner in Iran has been hanged on the charges of Moharebe (waging war on God).

The prisoner, Aziz Khackzad, 29, was born in Salmas, Iran.  He was arrested three years ago and was accused by the Iranian authorities of collaborating with dissident groups.

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