How the Iraq elections affect Iran's plans for dominating the region

18 April 2010

Shahriar Kia

The recent Iraqi parliamentary elections were of tremendous importance. However, the main outcome should be sought through the development of the Iraqi political society and the shift in the balance of power in Iran and in Iraq.

The clock is ticking as Iranian regime gets closer to the bomb

14 April 2010

Shahriar Kia
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The G-8 held negotiations in Canada on new round of sanctions against Iran to stop its uranium enrichment ambitions last week. Agreements and progressions were reached among the eight industrial nations of the world regarding fresh measures against Iran, officials involved in talks said. Of course, what the negotiation results will accomplish, taking into consideration that the past eight years have only bought Iran time to inch closer to the bomb, is something time has to tell. In today’s world, political and security crises have different roots.

Tehran's strategic defeat in Iraq

14 April 2010

Alireza Jafarzadeh
The March 7 parliamentary elections have heralded a new era for Iraq, pushing aside the incumbent Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki and officials with ties to Iran while opening way for a new slate of politicians hoping to mend serious sectarian divides. But, as a U.S. military official in Iraq told the Washington Post, Maliki and his allies "have no intention of giving up their regime," something that could threaten the hard earned post-election gains for progress and stability and harm US troops withdrawal timetable.

Dance Lessons Prohibited in Iranian Nursery Schools

22 December 2009

Mullahs’ regime has been known for leading the way in inventing means and measures to make living in Iran as hell for its citizens. 

Imposing sex segregation in schools and universities and even buses and harassment of women in streets by Basijies for wearing makeup or loose scarves are just some examples.

The latest measure that knowing the mullahs would not come as a surprise is the prohibition of dancing lessons in kindergartens and nursery schools.

Iran - Grand Ayatollah Montazeri Dies leaving mullahs’ Regime in Shambles

21 December 2009

Crowds walk the streets of Tehran once again, this time chanting in support of an Iranian top cleric who died only a day ago. 

Grand Ayatollah MontazeriGrand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri was once heir to the Ayatollah Khomeini himself, but later disqualified by the founder of the Islamic Republic due to his objections to the massacres of 1988 in which over 30,000 political prisoners --mostly members and supporters of the Mojahedin Khalq Organization of Iran (PMOI) –were executed in a very short period of time.  The PMOI later turned into the main opposition movement to the theocratic regime of Khamanie calling for an end to his dictatorship.

The chanting crowd walking the streets, congratulated the top cleric on his lastly found freedom in death; referring to the fact that the grand ayatollah had been mostly under house arrest since his disqualification and spent his time teaching Islamic theology. 

But since the uprising of the Iranian public started earlier this year, the ayatollah stepped in to the public scene once again, condemning tortures and executions taking place at the hands of the ruling mullahs saying their actions has nothing to do with Islamic teachings.

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