Iran – Daily closed; protests continue

18 August 2009 1731 Hits

Stop Fundamentalism, 18 August 2009 – An Iranian news website reported Monday that many gatherings throughout the country took place to commemorate those killed during the past two months of people uprisings. 

Iranian Protest Against Dictatorship in thier countryReports indicate that families of prisoners gathered in front of the notoriuse Evin prison on Monday demanding immediate release of their loved ones.  The crowed chanted anti-government slogans and over 40 members of the families of prisoners started a hunger strike.

Iranian Exiles in Ashraf Under Attack by Iraqi Police

28 July 2009 1828 Hits

Stop Fundamentalism - We were notified by an statement from the Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran today 28 July at 15:00 Baghdad time, that the Iraqi police has started an attack on the Ashraf residents by firing pepper gas.

Loaders have destroyed side-fences and walls to this Iranian opposition community in Iraq.  The city is under attack from various directions. 

Iranians all over the world hold the United States government solely and directly responsible for what happens to the residents of the camp Ashraf.

Iran - Street fights In Tehran

09 July 2009 2393 Hits

Stop Fundamentalism, July 9 (5:45pm Tehran time) – There are reports of street fights between security forces and the demonstrating crowed in Tehran streets.  Clashes have been reported specifically to be in progress in front of Tehran University right now. 

Protestor march Iran Streets Despite Crackdown

09 July 2009 2286 Hits

Stop Fundamentalism, Tehran July 9, 8:00pm – Crowds of thousands of people are now marching Tehran streets in memory of those killed ten years ago during student uprising.

While security forces have swarmed the streets to prevent any type of anti-government demonstration, attending crowd grows by the hour.

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