Iran - Grand Ayatollah Montazeri Dies leaving mullahs’ Regime in Shambles

21 December 2009

Crowds walk the streets of Tehran once again, this time chanting in support of an Iranian top cleric who died only a day ago. 

Grand Ayatollah MontazeriGrand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri was once heir to the Ayatollah Khomeini himself, but later disqualified by the founder of the Islamic Republic due to his objections to the massacres of 1988 in which over 30,000 political prisoners --mostly members and supporters of the Mojahedin Khalq Organization of Iran (PMOI) –were executed in a very short period of time.  The PMOI later turned into the main opposition movement to the theocratic regime of Khamanie calling for an end to his dictatorship.

The chanting crowd walking the streets, congratulated the top cleric on his lastly found freedom in death; referring to the fact that the grand ayatollah had been mostly under house arrest since his disqualification and spent his time teaching Islamic theology. 

But since the uprising of the Iranian public started earlier this year, the ayatollah stepped in to the public scene once again, condemning tortures and executions taking place at the hands of the ruling mullahs saying their actions has nothing to do with Islamic teachings.

Iranian Protests – Clashes reported in Tehran

04 November 2009

On a day historically known in Iran as the day Americans were taken hostage 30 years ago, Iranian protesters once again stage demonstrations against their government.Iran Protests

While a demonstration supported by the government in front of the now closed American Embassy was in progress, thousands of protesting Iranians took to the streets to show their discontent.

Clashes have been reported in different parts of Tehran and there are reports of teargas being fired and arrests taking place.  Large crowed has been reported at the Tehran University and also the Enghelab square chant anti-government slogans.

Iran – Woman Journalist, Hengameh Shahidi Freed from Prison

01 November 2009

Stop Fundamentalism – Iranian woman journalist, Hengameh Shahidi, who spent the past 121 days in the notorious Evin prison, has been released, says HRA News Agency.

Hengameh ShahidiShahidi was arrested after the recent presidential elections in Iran which caused an outbreak of demonstrations and social dissent against the Iranian regime. 

Shahidi spent 50 days in solitary during her captivity.  She was on her sixth day of hunger strike when released.

Hengameh Shahidi, is a member of Etemad-Meli Party, headed by Iran’s former presidential candidate, Mehdi Karrubi.

Shahidi was subject to intense torture and abuse during her arrest.

Iran - Imprisoned Woman Journalist on Indefinite Hunger Strike

26 October 2009

Stop Fundamentalism – Hengameh Shahidi, an Iranian woman Journalist and a member of Etemad-Meli Party, headed by Iran’s former presidential candidate, Mehdi Karrubi, has started a hunger strike in the Iranian notorious Evin prison, Iranian news sources say.Iranian Journalist, Hengameh Shahidi

Shahidi who has been detained for the past four months, started her hunger strike after she was transferred to the public ward of the prison.  She intends to continue her strike until she is freed.

Shahidi has been subject to intense torture and abuse in prison since her arrest.


Shahidi who is a reputable journalist was arrested after the unrest erupted following June elections in Iran.

Iran - Women Political Prisoner Moved to Evin Prison

06 October 2009

Stop Fundamentalism – A woman political prisoner by the name of Shireen Alam-Houie, 28 stays in ward 209 of notorious Evin prison in Iran, reports Hrana News Agency.


Ward 209 in Evin is known to hold political prisoners.


According to reports Shireen, an Iranian political activist from Kurdistan, is charged with membership in a Kurdish party.  She has been in prison since May 2008 and has been denied to have access to proper defense.  It is feared that she is in danger of receiving the death penalty.


Iran Press news has reported that seven other political prisoners have received the death penalty in southern city of Ahwas.

Iran - New Signal Distortion System Put in Place

01 October 2009

Stop Fundamentalism – According to sources, Iranian Revolutionary Guards has tested a new noise creation system, Saturday.

This new system can transmit with 1 Gigahertz of power.

The device is Russian made and it is intended to be used in electronic warfare to distort radar receptions. 

Iranian regime is trying to prevent international and satellite programming to reach Iranians.

While having a satellite television is illegal in Iran, many Iranians prefer to watch foreign media rather than Iranian produced television programs.

The osolators embedded in this system will create noise with enough power to distort most satellite programming. 

The system transmits at such power that it is feared to be hazardous to human health.

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