Journalists arrested for covering women’s protest in Tehran, Iran

18 June 2006

Stop Fundamentalism – Peyk Iran, news daily published in Iran, reported on June 24 that many reporters covering the demonstration for women’s rights in Tehran were beaten and arrested by security forces and taken to an undisclosed location.

Among them were Jeylah Bany Yaqoub and Bahman Ahmadi Amouye which are well known experienced reporters and Taraneh Bany Yaqoub a reporter and a web logger.

Iran Azeris crackdown continue

12 June 2006

Iran Azeris uprisingStop Fundamentalism - Two weeks after the uprisings in the four Azeri speaking provinces in northwestern Iran, a violent crackdown and torture of those arrested, especially the students, continue.

A recent report indicated that an 80-year-old man by the name of Eivaz Sayyadi, who was wounded during one of the demonstrations by the security forces, died in hospital.  The killing of an 80-year-old man sets a new precedence unseen in many countries controlled by dictators.

What is noteworthy is that the Intelligence Ministry has told the family of the victim not to announce the death of the old man and limit the burial ceremony to close family and friends only.

Due to the extent of the crackdown and the complete censorship of the news about the uprising, the number of those killed or injured during the demonstrations is still unknown. 

Iran clashes leave six dead and many wounded

26 May 2006

iran protestResidents in Azerbaijan, and Ardebil provinces storm government buildings

Stop Fundamentalism, May 26 – In the fifth consecutive day of riots in the Azeri speaking provinces, yesterday thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Iran’s north-western cities staging anti-government demonstrations.

In an attempt to stop the demonstrations from spreading, anti-riot units opened fire into the crowd, killing six demonstrators and wounding dozens of others.

The riots started when a state-run daily “Iran” published a cartoon insulting Iran’s Azeri speaking people.  According to some reports, about 27 percent of Iranians speak Azeri.

Iran: Another political prisoner in danger of execution

24 May 2006

Valiollah Feiz-Mahdavi
Stop Fundamentalism, May 24 – Mr. Valiollah Feiz-Mahdavi, a 28 year old, long time political prisoner, has disappeared from the Gohar-Dasht prison near Karaj in Iran, internal human rights activists from Iran report. 

The guards have reportedly removed Mahdavi from his cell taking him to an known place.  When faced with his cellmates asking about his whereabouts, the guards answer that he was taken to the section 5 where the other political prisoners are kept.

After many hours passed, Mr. Mahdavi has not been transferred to section 5 yet and no one know about his situation.

EU regrets Iran regime's non-compliance

20 May 2006

Iran human rightsStop Fundamentalism, Strasbourg, May 16 - The Council of the European Union adopted conclusions on Iran following its meeting on Monday, May 15.

The Council expressed deep regrets for the failure of the Iranian regime to take the steps deemed essential by the IAEA Board and the UN Security Council as well as their threats to maintain this failure into the future.

Another Public Execution in Iran

07 April 2006

The main victims of public executions in Iran are teens and young adults whose ages range between 18 through 25.

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Stop Fundamentalism - Reports from news agencies and Iranian sources indicate that a man identified only by his first name ‘Mohammed’ has been the latest victim of public execution in Iran.

The execution took place on April 5 in the city of Bam, the scene of the devastating earthquake of December 2003.

The man was convicted of murdering another man in 2005, authorities say.

The execution brings the total number of people executed in Iran in 2006 to 30 according to France Press News Agency.

Public executions in Iran are used as means of controlling the ever growing public dissent especially amongst the youth in Iran.  Therefore, the main victims of these public executions are teens and young adults whose ages range between 18 through 25.

Currently, there are at least two young women in Iran on death row.  Delara Darabi 19, and Nazanin 18, both committed their crimes when they were under 18.

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