Iran: Factory workers Protest

Iran: Factory Workers Protest Unpaid Wages and Uncertainty About Job Futures

Editor 13 November 2018

by Staff writer, SF

Earlier this week, outside the Khuzestan Governor’s Office, Ahvaz steel factory workers gathered to protest their unpaid wages and concerns regarding the company’s ownership and production issues.

A large group of Ahvaz factory workers can be seen gathered outside the Governor’s Office in the southern province in video taken at the protest. They are chanting, “a nation has never seen such injustice,” and “they chant for Imam Hossein, but pride themselves in thieving,” in reference to the Iranian government taking advantage of the third Shia Imam for its own profit.

A market in Iran

Iran’s Financial Crisis Worsened by the Policies of the Regime

Editor 10 November 2018

by Staff writer, SF

The Islamic Republic will be one of the most powerful economies in the world in the next five decades according to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. The county’s leaders continue to deny the looming economic crisis. In an apparent attempt to project power and economic stability to the rest of the world, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has stated that Iran could become one of the top 10 economies in the world over the next three decades.

Iran Missile Test

Media Must Cover Full Range of Iran’s Malign Behaviour

Editor 09 November 2018

by Saeed

Iran’s malign nuclear weapons programme didn’t stop after 2003, according to an October 29 report by Washington, DC-based think tank, the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS).

The report, which highlights documentation that Israel took from Iran’s so-called “nuclear archive”, merely says what most of us already know. Iran continued its nuclear weapons research in secret long after it was first revealed in 2002 and long after the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), otherwise known as the nuclear deal, was agreed.


US: Iran’s Oil Tankers Could Cause Massive Environmental Destruction

Editor 08 November 2018

by Armin Baldwin

The United States has warned other countries not to let Iranian oil tankers enter their territorial waters or ports to avoid violating US sanctions and risking untold economic or environmental damage.

The US reports that merely allowing Iran’s tankers into their waters may be seen to violate US sanctions, which could subject that country to fines or cut them off from the US financial market. However, they also warned that as US sanctions have cut off insurance for any such vessels, the country in question would be wholly liable for the cost of cleaning up after an accident, which could not only cost a lot of money, it could be especially damaging for the local environment.

US in Syria and Iraq

Iran Threatening the US in Syria and Iraq According to Department of Defense Report

Editor 07 November 2018

by Navid  Felker

According to the new Lead Inspector General report from the US Department of Defense, the Iranian threat in Syria is increasing, and may also present a threat to the US in Iraq.

This report, entitled Operation Inherent Resolve, was released on Tuesday. It analyzes the US role fighting Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. It is a quarterly report, covering operations from July through September of this year. Iran is a growing threat to the US, according to the report, that examines how Washington is changing its posture in Syria as the mission changes.

US President Trump

Iran’s Response to the New US Sanctions Will Determine Its Place in the Region

Editor 06 November 2018

by Staff writer, SF

US President Trump is making demands of the Iranian regime that it is unable to achieve. Hardliners see Iran’s nuclear program as an “insurance policy” against US surprises.

Trump also wants the revolution retired in a country that maintains its army and “guards” within its borders, destabilizing other countries and encircling them with rockets. Trump demands that Iran complies with the conditions of a natural state, and not use oil revenues and militias to restructure the territory.

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