Iran's missile in a military parade

Iran Destabilises the Middle East

Editor 19 October 2018

by Staff writer, SF

Before the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran, Shiite Muslims, who make up about a fifth of all Muslims, were largely treated as inferiors in the Arab world. In most countries, they were forbidden to build mosques because the Sunni Muslim majority saw them as heretics. In certain countries, including Libya, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, they could be executed without trial.

Iran Faced with Protest Rallies against Poverty

Iran Faced With Protest Rallies Against Poverty

Editor 18 October 2018

by Staff writer, SF

In Iran on Tuesday, in front of the regime's program and budget organization in Tehran, a massive group of retirees from several different provinces, including Fars and Kermanshah, gathered to demand a raise in their salaries, corresponding with the inflation seen in the country. Many of these people live below the poverty line. They also asked for implementation of a coordinated payment system, balancing of their salaries, and paying their efficiency insurance premiums.

Iranian Earthquake

Iranian Earthquake Survivors Live in Makeshift Tents Nearly One Year Later

Editor 17 October 2018

by Staff writer, SF

Following the devastating earthquake that hit Iran nearly a year ago, 30% of the people who were left homeless by the earthquake continue to live on the streets in make-shift tents, according to the mayor of Sarpol-e Zahab in Iran’s western province of Kermanshah.

Mohammad Jamali nia spoke about the current situation, “Only the floor concrete placement takes 28 days. Therefore, with a thumbnail account, it can be seen that the repair of all houses will take a lot of time.”

Arash Sadeghi

Authorities in Iran’s Prisons Deny Political Prisoners Medical Care

Editor 16 October 2018

by Staff writer, SF

Since this regime’s inception in 1979, its authorities in Iran have a history of endangering the lives of political prisoners by denying them adequate medical treatment and medication as a form of punishment.

This deliberate denial of access has endangered the lives of several political prisoners, including Majid Asadi, Arash Sadeqi, Hassan Sadeqi, Mohammad Banazadeh Amirkhizi and Mohammad Habibi, who are among those whose continued existence is threatened by denial of treatment. Their medical records have been destroyed rather than being transferred to the hospital or the prison clinic.

Iran: Teachers across the country participate in strikes

Iran: Teachers Across the Country Participate in Strikes

Editor 15 October 2018

by Staff writer, SF

Teachers in Iran have been taking part in a two-day strike on 14th and 15th October. This is part of the dispute over budget cuts and teachers’ pay with the Ministry of Education. The Coordinating Council of Teachers Syndicates in Iran (CCTSI) had called on teachers to hold sit-ins at their schools and to cancel planned lessons on these two days.

At the same time, truck drivers in the country are also participating in a strike. The truck driver strikes are now in their third week.

Rouhani Speak at UN General Assembly

Rouhani will Speak about terror attack at UN General Assembly

Editor 25 September 2018

by Staff writer, SF

Iran regime’s armed forces spokesman Brigadier General Abolfazl Shekarchi told semi-official Mehr news agency that during a parade this past weekend, which was part of nationwide celebrations in Iran to mark the 30th anniversary of the end of its eight-year war with Iraq, gunmen opened fire on armed forces marching inside a park, as well as spectators who had gathered to watch the parade.

The four attackers were killed by security forces, according to reports by IRNA, Iran’s official news agency, who cited the deputy governor-general of Khuzestan province, where the attack took place.

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