Legal rules

Iran: Those Charged With Serious Crimes, May Be Denied Lawyers

Armin Baldwin 18 May 2019

By Armin Baldwin

Today, Amnesty International published an analysis of changes that are being proposed to the laws that affect ordinary Iranians charged with the most serious crimes. The amended laws, if passed, will permit the prosecution to deprive detainees who are arrested on “national security” charges, as well as certain other serious criminal charges, access to a lawyer for 20 days, and could be extended to cover the whole investigation phase. Sentences that carry the death penalty or amputation punishments are included under the proposed amended laws.

Iranian military speedboats

Pictures Behind the US' Sharp Escalation of Tensions With Iran Regime

Saeed 17 May 2019

By Saeed

Pictures showing Iranian paramilitary forces loading missiles onto boats are behind a recent sharp escalation in tensions between the US and Iran, The New York Times reported Thursday.

The May 3 overhead images show fully assembled missiles being loaded onto boats in the Persian Gulf, three officials told the Times, raising concerns that they could be used by Iranian Revolutionary Guards to target US Navy vessels.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in meeting with so-called political activists from different factions on May 10th

Widening Rift Between Factions of Iran's Ruling Elite

Azita Carlson 16 May 2019

By Azita Carlson

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani talked about Iran’s existing state of affairs, especially regarding social or political issues during his speech on Ramadan. He was meeting with so-called political activists from different factions on May 10th.

Referring to his rival factions, he said, "they have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo”, and he asked them to refrain from attacking him and his followers.

Protesting Tehran University Students

Protesting Tehran University Students Attacked by Basiji Plainclothes Security Forces

Editor 15 May 2019

by Atousa Pilger

On May 13th, plainclothes members of Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Basij went head to head with Tehran University students who had gathered to protest the forced hijab laws at the universities.

The protesting Tehran University students were attacked as they gathered in protest the new regulations imposed on campus.

China's top two refiners

China's Top Two Refiners Halt Iranian Oil Imports

Navid Felker 11 May 2019

by Navid  Felker

It was unclear and an important question as recently as last week that would Beijing comply to Washington’s demand that it stops importing Iranian oil at the start of May after the 180-day import waiver period ended? The answer, at least for now, is that Beijing will comply.

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