US National security adviser John Bolton

Bolton Defends United Against a Nuclear Iran

Editor 25 February 2019

By Staff writer, SF

US National security adviser John Bolton defended an American organisation that stands opposed to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal on Saturday and called Russian criticism of it “unacceptable”.

Bolton tweeted: “If President Putin is serious about stabilizing the Middle East, confronting terrorism & preventing a nuclear arms race in the region, he should stand with [United Against A Nuclear Iran or] UANI & against Iran.”

The People's Mojahedin of Iran

MEK, the Main Opposition to Iran Regime

Armin Baldwin 23 February 2019

By Armin Baldwin

L. Todd Wood, former special operations helicopter pilot and contributor to many publications, writes that "Tehran used both Mr. Bush and Mr. Obama, albeit in different ways, to promote its own interests in the Middle East and put its troops on Israel’s doorstep, all to fulfill a long-held dream of eradicating the Jewish state from the map. Although it can seem like ancient history, we’re living with the consequences to this day. Mr. Bush was told that Iran was the major threat in the region, not Iraq’s Saddam Hussein. He was told that if he invaded Iran, the mullahs would make life hell for American troops. He was told that Iran wanted to take control of Iraq. I know, I’ve talked to the people who told him.”

Crackdown on Christian Converts Escalates in Iran

Crackdown on Christian Converts Escalates in Iran

Editor 22 February 2019

By Staff writer, SF

Islam forbids its followers from converting to another religion, so in countries where religious law applies, converts can be prosecuted. The numbers of converts to Christianity has been rising in Iran in recent years, reaching tens of thousands or more according to some estimates.

1988 Massacre of Political Prisoners in Iran

Amnesty International Reports on Iran's Year of Shame and the 1988 Massacre of Political Prisoners

Editor 21 February 2019

By Atousa Pilger

Year of Shame and Iran: Blood Soaked Secrets are the titles of Amnesty International’s latest reports.

Indeed, 2018 was a year of upheaval and shame in Iran, beginning with the uprising that started in Mashhad and quickly spread across the country, and ending with the continued protests and demonstrations that have reached across the social strata of Iranian citizens.

the Islamic Republic's Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei

Iranian Media Forced to Edit Supreme Leader's Comments

Azita Carlson 20 February 2019

By Azita Carlson

As Iran participates in talks with the EU about the launch of a trade mechanism that will allow a continuation of trade with the Islamic Republic in the face of US sanctions, Iranian, news outlets have been "censoring", or "rephrasing" comments made by the Islamic Republic's Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei.

Iranian protesters rip down billboard honouring “shrine defenders”

Iranian Protesters Rip Down Billboard Honouring "Shrine Defenders"

Editor 20 February 2019

By Staff writer, SF

Angry Iranians in the city of Andimeshk in the southern province of Khuzestan have taken to the streets and brought down a large billboard that was put up by the Iranian regime to honour the so-called "shrine defenders" that were killed in Syria while fighting on behalf of the Assad regime.

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