Iran is making suspicious deliveries to Hezbollah

Iran Is Making Suspicious Deliveries to Hezbollah

Staff Writer 30 November 2018

by Staff writer, SF

Every day for the past week, at least one, but more often two, Iranian transport aircraft have landed at Beirut international airport, according to military sources, while flights to Syrian air bases are few and far between. On their return flights, these Iranian planes refuel at Damascus airport. The majority of the incoming aircraft are Boeing 747s of Qeshm Fars Air, which are the planes used by the notorious Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC).

The burning of the American flag in Iran

Iran Regime Hates the West, so the West Should Stop Defending It

Staff Writer 29 November 2018

by Staff writer, SF

On November 4, the same day that renewed US sanctions against Iran came fully into effect, one particular protest in Iran caught the attention of Western media. The protesters burnt American flags, created effigies of Donald Trump, and shouted “Death to America”, so the press used the narrative that anti-US feeling in Iran had only increased since Trump puled the US out of the Iran nuclear deal, otherwise known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), in May, citing Iran’s violations of the agreement.

American forces in Syria

America’s Recruitment of Local Militias in Syria

Staff Writer 27 November 2018

by Navid  Felker

America has begun to establish local militias to fight Iran’s militias and forces in Syria. Along with the new round of sanctions, Tehran is feeling the pressure.

East of the Euphrates River some 30,000 Kurdish Syrians are being recruited, armed, and trained within the Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD) by US forces and their allies. Most are Kurds but some are Arabs. Assad’s forces — Iran and Russia — lie west of the Euphrates River.


The EU’s Patience Is Wearing Thin Over Iran’s Behavior

Staff Writer 26 November 2018

by Armin Baldwin

Europe’s support in countering the recently reimposed U.S. sanctions is vital to Iran, but at the same time, the country wants to eliminate its opposition in Europe.

Iran relies on European support to prop up the nuclear deal that was been abandoned by the United States. But in the meantime, representatives of Denmark and France briefed EU members on Iran’s role in foiled terrorist attacks against opposition groups in their countries.

Taliban fighters in Afghanistan

Consider the Front in Afghanistan Against Iran

Staff Writer 18 November 2018

by Atousa Pilger

In the Middle East, Iran is a key factor behind the ongoing instability. The war in Afghanistan is essential in the context of rolling back Iranian influence. Tehran supports ideologically diverse parties in Afghanistan increasing its influence and control. Iran has more options to further entrench and export Iran’s Islamist ideology.

US in Syria and Iraq

Iran Threatening the US in Syria and Iraq According to Department of Defense Report

Staff Writer 07 November 2018

by Navid  Felker

According to the new Lead Inspector General report from the US Department of Defense, the Iranian threat in Syria is increasing, and may also present a threat to the US in Iraq.

This report, entitled Operation Inherent Resolve, was released on Tuesday. It analyzes the US role fighting Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. It is a quarterly report, covering operations from July through September of this year. Iran is a growing threat to the US, according to the report, that examines how Washington is changing its posture in Syria as the mission changes.

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