International Committee In Search of Justice’s roadmap to defeating Daesh

26 May 2016 647 Hits

The International Committee In Search of Justice (ISJ) has published a report entitled “Islamic Fundamentalism & Road Map to Defeat Daesh (ISIS)”. 

Their report gives an in-depth insight into the main concerns, causes and possible solutions to the ongoing threat that Daesh poses, not just in the Middle East, but also in Europe and further afield.

Iran aggravating situation in Syria

24 May 2016 847 Hits

In an article published on The Hill’s website, Shahriar Kia describes how Iran is getting more and more involved in the war in Syria. The Revolutionary Guards now have over 60,000 troops on the ground – 8,000 of which are agents of the Quds Force, as well as thousands of mercenaries from Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and Pakistan. He said the “Green Berets”, the 65th Nohed Brigade, has also been dispatched – a strong indication of the desperate measures the Iranian regime is taking in preventing Assad’s downfall as this is their first mission in more than two decades.

Taliban leader with possible links to Iran killed in US drone attack

23 May 2016 1077 Hits

Pakistan has hinted that a Taliban leader has links to Iran. At the site of a US drone attack that was targeting Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour, a passport was found belonging to a Pakistani man named Wali Muhammad according to an article on Newsweek. The Pakistani Foreign Ministry said on Sunday 22nd May that the passport showed evidence of a valid Iranian visa.

Maldives cuts diplomatic ties with Iran

18 May 2016 795 Hits

On Tuesday, the government of the Maldives announced that they have decided to sever diplomatic ties with Iran after 40 years. This decision is based the on the Iranian regimes policies in the Middle East which are proving to be damaging to peace and security in the region.

For Iran and Hezbollah, a costly week in Syria - Reuters

14 May 2016 656 Hits

A rebel onslaught on the Syrian town of Khan Touman near Aleppo last week delivered one of the biggest battlefield setbacks yet to the coalition of foreign Shi'ite fighters waging war on behalf of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Reuters reported on Friday.

Reports put the death toll among the Iranian, Afghani and Lebanese militiamen as high as 80 in the attack. At least 17 of the dead were Iranians, seemingly the highest toll in a battle outside the Islamic Republic’s borders since the Iran-Iraq war.

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