The Washington Post: Iran provokes the world as Obama does nothing

22 December 2015

By Editorial Board December 20

IRAN IS following through on the nuclear deal it struck with a U.S.-led coalition in an utterly predictable way: It is racing to fulfill those parts of the accord that will allow it to collect $100 billion in frozen funds and end sanctions on its oil exports and banking system, while expanding its belligerent and illegal activities in other areas — and daring the West to respond.

Iran regime’s involvement and casualties in Syria

01 December 2015

Iran in marsh of war with Syrian people; extensive casualties of IRGC and its mercenaries

 5000 revolutionary guards, elements of Hezbollah, thousands of Iraqi hirelings, and thousands of Afghan and Pakistani mercenaries in Syria

16 IRGC brigadier generals killed in Syria so far

Hillary Clinton on National Security and the Islamic State

22 November 2015

Hillary Clinton: Iran regime and ISIS are not separate challenges.

 Sunday, 22 November 2015

 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said on Thursday U.S. cannot view regime in Iran and ISIS as separate challenges adding regional politics are too interwoven.

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