Effects of Recent Exits on Iran's Presidential Election

17 May 2017

An unexpected turn of events came about when Tehran Mayor Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf made an early exit on Tuesday from Iran’s presidential election. 

In an article by Heshmat Alavi, for Al Arabiya, he writes, “This can be the result of a conclusion reached by the hardliner camp from the 2013 presidential election where their chances were hurt with none of their candidates willing to step aside in favor of their all-out interests.”

Iranian Regime Fears Uprising as Elections Draw Near

16 May 2017

Iran’s upcoming election on May 19th has a cloud hanging over it this year. It looms as the shadow of the uprisings that followed the controversial election in 2009. 

There is an undercurrent in Iranian society that has expressed their displeasure with the ruling regime. A warning to the candidates began the second debate, when The Friday Prayers’ Leader in Tehran said: “The debates should be on presidential issues…. But we must avoid acts that rattle society.”

Iran: Severe clashes between suppressive security forces and peaceful demonstrators

27 October 2016

Law enforcement agents beat demonstrators and arrested 15 people and took them to an unknown location said the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI). A sixteen year old boy was arrested and his mother was badly injured while trying to prevent her son’s arrest. 

The crowd was peacefully standing in front of a hospital in Tehran in support of political prisoner Mohammad Ali Taheri who is in a coma following a hunger strike.

In Iran's Presidential Election, Much Is at Stake

16 May 2017

The choice in Iran's presidential election Friday is between incumbent Hassan Rouhani, and known participant in the 1988 Massacre, Ebrahim Raisi. 

Rouhani is still the apparent frontrunner, however, his challenge from Raisi may be more difficult than expected.  Raisi rallied religious traditionalists around him, as well as working-class voters who are disillusioned with the economy.


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