Iran: Nuclear deal will spawn more proxy attacks like the ones in Yemen

24 October 2016

Captain Sean R. Liedman, a retired captain from the U.S. Navy gave his thoughts about the Iran nuclear deal and the recent attacks in Yemen in an article on the USNI News’ website. He said that recent events are proof that Iran has widening influence in the region and that the Iran nuclear deal has done nothing but help Iran with this. The deal was supposed to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear weapons state, but the cash it received as part of the deal is supporting proxy groups.

Opinion: Hezbollah and the Balance of Power in Lebanon

10 May 2017

Hezbollah has been designated a terrorist organization by inter alia, the Arab League (of which Lebanon is a member) but apparently this has not affected its position as a major political player within Lebanon.

In an article by Neville Teller, who worked in the Civil Service, along with writing for BBC radio commenting on the Middle East political scene for some 30 years, with three books published on the subject, he writes, “Hezbollah has succeeded in infiltrating so deeply into Lebanon’s body politic that it has become a virtual ‘state within a state’.  It not only directly runs a range of social, health, infrastructure and media services, but its heavily armed military wing conducts itself much like an independent army.  Its political bloc, designated “March 8”, holds 57 of the 128 seats in Lebanon’s parliament.”

Iran's Upcoming Election: Choosing "Between the Worse and the Worst of the Worst"

09 May 2017

Iran’s upcoming May 19 presidential election will likely not result in changes regarding the regime's behavior, and this should not be overlooked during the Trump administration’s major policy review for that country.

“What is worth understanding is the fact that the presidency in Iran lacks any significant authority and this post is under the heavy influence of the Supreme Leader,” explained Mohammad Mohaddessin, Foreign Affairs Chairman of the National Council of Resistance (NCRI) at an online conference they hosted last week with former Italian foreign minister Giulio Terzi.


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