China’s New High-speed Train Travels at 275 Km per Hour

Grand opening celebration of the new high-speed train service in China

SF News – A new high-speed train is in operation in China, reports the German Der Spiegel.  The train will travel at about 275 kilometers per hour connecting Beijing to the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou. 

The 2200 kilometers distance between the two cities, that used to take about 20 hours to complete, now takes just less than 8 hours.

The new service is said to be the longest high-speed railway service in the world.

China’s officials say they plan to expand the high-speed network.  That will include 4 east-west and four north-south bound connections totaling coverage of 9300 kilometers distance in the country.  The network is planned to be finished by 2020.

The grand opening of the new high-speed train service was celebrated Wednesday when the first train started its journey. 

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