IRAN: Misguided Freedom

14 February 2015

The current Iranian regime, one that is subsumed with ‘Mullahs’ has once again called for a correction of the ‘true’ image of Islam, one they coerce the Iranians to follow. A protest erupted in Tehran, after Iranian police began removing satellite dishes from the roofs of homes and hurling them into the street below. It was only halted, when there was fear that the protest could spread to other areas of the city. 

This police action was part of the latest crackdown on satellite TV by the regime's rulers, who have also used teenage members of the Basij paramilitary force, an organization of civilian volunteers, to remove dishes and confiscate satellite equipment in other parts of the country.

Social media activists jailed in Iran

28 January 2015

According to reports, the Supreme Court of Iran has confirmed the sentences of eight social media activists, who have been given a combined 133 years in prison for the ‘crime’ of criticizing the regime on Facebook. Initially, they had been charged with “colluding and gathering against national security, propaganda activities against the system, insulting sacred symbols, insulting the head of the government branches and insulting specific individuals.”


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