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Iran nuke program irreversible

Nuclear IranApril 24, Stop Fundamentalism –Reuters reported Sunday that Iran said that it would not abandon its work on uranium enrichment as the United States and the Europeans demand.  Iran says that it will “face the consequences,” Reuters reported quoting Hamid Reza Asefi, the Foreign Mystery spokesman of Iran.

"Iran’s uranium enrichment and nuclear research and development activities are irreversible," Asefi told at a news conference.

US’s Iran Arms Trade Ban

Iran nuclear(Stop Fundamentalism) – News agencies report that  the United States pressed Russia on Friday to halt missile sales to Iran amid international efforts to defuse a standoff with Tehran over its disputed nuclear program.

“We think it’s time for countries to use their leverage individually, and we think it’s time for countries to band together collectively to make the same effort,” said Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns.

Burns’ call for individual nations to do what they can to isolate Iran, sets up an alternate way to apply pressure to the clerical regime outside the U.N. Security Council’s current review of the Iranian nuclear program.  The council is now divided, however, over whether to apply sanctions to the rich oil exporter.

Iran shells Kurds positions in Iraq

Stop Fundamentalism – Reuters reported that Iranian forces shelled Kurdish rebells positions inside mountainous northern Iraq early Friday morning to repel an attack, an Iraqi Kurdish official said.

"This morning Iranian Kurdish fighters infiltrated the border into the Iranian side and the Iranian army bombed the area and repelled them.  The shelling hit Iraqi land at Sidakan," said Saadi Pira, an official in the leading PUK Kurdish party.

Leader Wants All Dogs Arrested

TEHRAN (Iran) — If certain religious powers get their way, it may soon be illegal to be a dog.

According to a Reuters report this week, Gholamreza Hassani, the Islamic leader in the northwestern city of Urumiyeh, announced at a recent prayer: "I call on the judiciary to arrest all long-legged, medium- legged and short-legged dogs along with their long-legged owners."

This bizarre statement caused at least one columnist to wonder if the edict exempts "legless dogs dragged around by short-legged people." 2

According to Reuters, canines are reviled by strict Muslims for being "unclean".

"There is a verse in our Koran that if a person … gets sniffed or licked by a dog, that person’s prayer will become unacceptable for 40 days," says Ombra Gandamra, the regional director of the Office of Muslim Affairs in Cagayan de Oro.

Dogs and backs of pickup trucks don’t mix

The Joplin Globe
By Mike Pound – Globe columnist

So we’ve got this war going on; everyone is mad at the secretary of defense; that guy in Iran is acting like a nut; gas is higher than Ricky Williams; and the Cardinals got clobbered Tuesday night.

There’s a lot of important stuff going on in the world, is what I’m saying, which is why I have decided to speak out on a very important topic facing this country right now: people who let their dogs ride in the back of their pickup trucks.

I’m not talking about people who let their farm dogs hop up into the back of their pickup trucks while they drive from pasture to pasture checking things out. I understand that. It makes me nervous, but I understand it.

Iran: What’s Next?

By Jubin Afshar

Iran NuclearNear East Policy Research – The president of the Iranian regime called it "good news.”  The world, however, looked on with deep concern and condemned the latest provocation by Iran’s theocracy in enriching uranium after 18 years of pursuing a covert nuclear program that many suspect is aimed at producing nuclear weapons capability.

The Iranian regime seeks the nuclear capability to bolster its drive to dominate the Muslim world and threaten regional and world security from a position of power atop a new “Caliphate,” (Islamic empire). This has been the dream of Khomeini’s Islamic fundamentalists since their usurping of the Iranian revolution of 1979. Regime ideologues have long pointed to Iran’s rightful place as the leader of the Muslim world in imposing their narrow and regressive socio-political and economic model, diametrically opposed to democratic and human rights values.

The West has misread the mullahs dangerously and for too long. Western analysts and intellectuals have unsuccessfully strained to identify an eventual sobering of Iran’s fanatically fundamentalist vanguard and to discern signs of an emerging pragmatism that they hoped trade and engagement would have brought about, as the logic would have it.  But the more the West engaged in critical and constructive dialogue, the more the mullahs learned that they could game the system and win their way while pulling the wool over the eyes of Western leaders too wary of conflict and firmness.  Leveraging Iran’s oil and gas wealth, its enormous market potential, their political clout in the region, and their unspoken but distinct terrorist capabilities, the mullahs of Iran blackmailed and took Western policy in the region hostage. A feeble and self-centric Western response that was a product of a commercialized foreign policy failed to check their thirst for expansion and the realization of their “Islamic Caliphate” dream.

Iran Mullahs’ Nuke Show

Nuclear dancers

Dancers performing as they hold capsules of uranium hexaflouride during a ceremony in Mashad, Iran, on Tuesday. (AP)

While no more than two weeks remains from the deadline by the United Nations Security Council for Iran to stop its nuclear activities, the mullahs are trying to cover-up their wicked intentions by masquerading shows around the country.

Hatred, derision, and criticism of the West’s hesitation to react to the mullahs’ bullish behavior were the headlines of most independent media around the world. 

This was when from many days in advance in state-run dailies and news media; the regime had started a charade that there will be important “good news” of a “national advancement and breakthrough.”

The highlight at the event in which it was announced that Iran had successfully enriched uranium to 3.5% using 164 cascade centrifuges was a sort of a folkloric dance performed by dancers who held capsules of uranium hexafluoride.

Iran: We do not have much time

Appeasement to the mullahs will not prevent war but will in fact raise the possibility of it. 


The Iranian regime, by starting the enrichment process using the 164 centrifuge cascades, sent out a clear answer and a mere slap on the face to the United Nations Security Council’s Presidential Statement calling for a halt of regime’s enrichment activities. 

This is another indication that any type of hesitation will embolden the mullahs and encourage them to continue their misdeed.

Appeasement to the mullahs will not prevent war but will in fact raise the possibility of it.  The world has to react quickly.  We do not have much time.

The West fruitlessly has given all possible advantages to the mullahs for years.

Today the world stands at a dangerous crossroad.  On one hand, there is the outlook of possibility of a fundamentalist dictator acquiring nuclear weapons and on the other hand, there exists the prospect of another deadly war in the Middle East region.  However, the international community is not limited to choose between the two.  There is a third solution: a democratic change by the Iranian people and their organized resistance.

To support the Iranian people, the United Nations Security Council must immediately impose economical, diplomatic, and military embargo against the mullahs and remove all obstacles in the way of the Iranian resistance to enter the scene to bring about a “democratic change in Iran.”

ElBaradei’s Iran visit: a mere failure


UN Nuclear Watchdog Chief Mohamed ElBaradei

April 13, 2006 (Stop Fundamentalism) – Mohamed ElBaradei the Noble peace prize laureate and the head of the UN nuclear watchdog agency IAEA arrived in Tehran Thursday to talk Iran into suspension of its uranium enrichment program and return to the negotiating table with the West.

Iran sparked international alarm two days ago after it announced that it has achieved the capability to operate a 164 cascade of centrifuges, which could produce 3.5% enriched uranium.  The technology, as scientists say, could be used to produce weapon’s grade uranium.

Iranian hardliner President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared on Tuesday April 11 that Iran had officially joined the group of countries with nuclear capabilities commonly known as the”Nuclear Club.”

“I officially announce that Iran has joined the world’s nuclear countries,” Ahmadinejad said in a speech that was broadcasted on state television.

Former Iranian President Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani also announced on Tuesday, despite a call by the United Nations Security Council for Iran to cease all uranium enrichment activities that this country has begun uranium enrichment.

Who controls Iraq

Iraq Police run by the Mullahs in Tehran

Iraqi police controled by Iranian supported paramilitary

The chaotic state in Iraq continues to claim innocent lives by the hands of paramilitary forces that are wildly believed to be connected to Iran.

Last week in a mosque after the Friday prayer sermon, an explosion killed 85 people and injured 165 others.  This was the latest big explosion in Iraq while the killing continues on daily bases around this country.

In a television interview with Al-Jazzira Network, Hareth Al-Nazari, chief of Muslim Leaders Group in Iraq said, “the current government in Iraq is responsible for the death of 40,000 people during the past year.” 

“After the bombing of the Sammara’s holy shrine, an organized, preplanned attack on mosques and holy places around the country took place that resulted in destruction.”  Al-Nazari continued, “during the next three days after the bombing over 1500 people were killed and over 2000 were arrested many of whom their bodies were found later on near roads and rivers.”

Brussels Tribunal, a judiciary body based in Brussels, in a letter to the Special Reporter of the United Nations, asked for immediate investigation on assassination of Iraq universities teachers and scientific staff.  According to Brussels Tribunal, 250 university professors have been assassinated, tens of others have disappeared, and thousand have fled the country to save their lives.  This shows that Iraq is under an organized attack aimed at destroying the country’s educational institution.