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IRAN: Three men hanged in prison

IRAN: Three men hanged in prisonStopfundamentalism.com
Jan 09, 2006

Tehran – State-run daily Khorrasan reported on Sunday that three men were hanged in Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison.

The three prisoners, identified only by their first names Amir-Reza, Gholam-Ali, and Majid, were accused of murder.

Iraqis receive training in Iran

Iraqis receive training in IranBy Sharon Behn
January 9, 2006

Shi’ite clerics are recruiting young Iraqis to go to neighboring Iran for political indoctrination and militia training, said the uncle of one young man who recently returned from a one-month session.

Upon the return of the young man — whose name has been withheld from this article to protect his family — he was recruited into the armed wing of the pro-Iranian Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI) political party, the uncle said.

Iran sentences 17-year-old girl to death

Iran teen executionsTehran, Iran, Jan. 06 (Stop Fundamentalism) – A Farsi -language website reported on Friday that a 17-year-old girl, identified only by her first name Nazanin, was sentenced to be hanged in the city of Karaj, west of the Iranian capital. The verdict was handed down in branch 71 of Iran’s Islamic courts, the report said.

Iran: no more time

Stop fundamentalism

Iran’s only interest in “Russian plan” or any other plans as such is the opportunity to buy more time to push its nuclear weapons program forward

As Iran fails to show at the Vienna meeting with the International Atomic Energy Agency to explain about the announced resumption of its nuclear activities at a site previously sealed by the IAEA, immediate referral to the U.N. Security Council becomes inevitable and necessary.

Suicide bombers kill 85 in two Iraqi cities

Iraq suicide bombKARBALA, Iraq, January 5, 2006 (Reuters) – Two suicide bombers killed at least 85 people and wounded more than 100 in the Iraqi cities of Karbala and Ramadi on Thursday in one of the country’s deadliest days for months.

Iran to resume nuke research

Iran Natanz Nuclear AhmadinejadTehran, Jan. 05, 2006 (Stop Fundamentalism Reports) – Iran’s hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced at a parliamentary meeting that Tehran has informed the International Atomic Energy Agency of its intention to resume nuclear research and development at its massive uranium enrichment site in Natanz.
Germany, France and United States in separate statements have warned Iran against the planned resumption of nuclear research and development work.

Secret services say Iran is trying to assemble a nuclear missile

Iran NuclearWednesday, 4th January 2006 (The Guardian) 
Ian Cobain and Ian Traynor

Document seen by Guardian details web of front companies and middlemen

Iran rejects proposal, will resume nuke activity

Stop Islamic FundamentalismTehran, Jan. 03 (Stop Fundamentalism) – Iran rejected on Tuesday any proposal aimed at defusing the international standoff over its suspected nuclear weapons program which involved Tehran enriching uranium exclusively in Russia.

Also on Tuesday Iran told the International Atomic Energy Agency that it would resume nuclear-fuel research on January 9, a move likely to alarm the West which believes Tehran is seeking to make atom bombs.

Iran, Get Out

It is little over two weeks after the elections in Iraq and now anyone with smallest familiarity with this region agrees that Iran staged “the biggest cheat in an election” that has ever happened in the history.
Iran Mullahs spent millions of dollars in order to achieve what their big leader Khomeini could not with the eight year war between Iran and Iraq during the 80s; to establish an Iranian style Islamic Republic in Iraq.

Teenage girl to be executed in Iran

Teenage girl to be executed in Iran Stopfundamentalism.com    
Monday, 02 January 2006
Delara Darabi a 19-year-old girl is to be executed in Iran according to Aftab state-run daily. She has been alleged to have murdered a woman when she was 17. Her death sentence was issued by a clerical court in the city of Rasht (northern Iran) and endorsed by mullahs’ high court despite her denial of committing the crime.