Young people of Iran will make sure mullahs regime does not last

Navid Felker 25 January 2018

by Navid  Felker

Some Iranian dissidents have bravely decided to speak out about their sad and difficult struggles in Iran. They spoke to Breitbart News and told their stories about the reality of life in Iran under the current regime. Of course, those still living in Iran felt unable to provide their surnames for fear of reprisals from the authorities.

More needs to be done for Iran Protesters by U.S.

Saeed 23 January 2018

by Saeed

The people of Iran began the process of regime change when they took to the streets in their tens of thousands, through 142 cities all over Iran, and up to now more than 50 heroes have fallen for their cause and over 8000, people are captive under torture thus there is no reason why those who support the protesters should not act to speed up the movement.

Investigation into Iran’s drug and arms empire to be reopened

Atousa Pilger 22 January 2018

by Atousa Pilger
The “golden years of Obama” in the context of Iran refers to the time former US President Barack Obama was in office. He repeatedly conceded to the Iranian regime and turned a blind eye to issues that warranted consequences and tough action.

Demonstration of People of Sardasht (in Western Iran) in Support of Porters

17 August 2017

Following the firing at a group of Porters on June 25, and July 28 and 29, in Baneh and around the village of Dule’ei of Sardasht, as a result of which two Porters called Mine Abduli and Karim Mohammad Aminzadeh, were killed in point blank shooting  by security agents, and several others were injured, on Tuesday, August 15,  a group of Sardasht residents hold a demonstration in support of the Porters and condemned the savage killings by the Revolutionary Guards and the regime's security forces while carrying signs reading “No to the killing of Porters”.

The Repressive Forces of the Regime Suppress the Protests of Sugar Cane Workers

09 June 2017

The workers of Haft Tepe Agro-industry of Susa protested for the fourth time against the due payments and receivables.

As the state-run Fars News reported, the workers of the sugar cane company rallied with their families. More than 1000 employees, retirees and sugar cane cutters of Haft Tepe passed the 3rd day of strike on Tuesday, June 6.

Iranian Teachers Hold Widespread Protests Across the Country

11 March 2017

In protest against poor working and living conditions, the stolen money from Teachers Pension Fund, country’s deplorable educational status, and dealing with teachers’ protests as security threats, Iran’s working and retired teachers held rallies in different cities across the country on Thursday March 9, demanding that their problems be dealt with.

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