Iran Supplying Ballistic Missiles to Yemen

Azita Carlson 11 December 2017

by Azita Carlson

Tribal insurgents in Yemen launched a ballistic missile to the outskirts of Riyadh at the beginning of the month. The warhead exploded near the capital’s international airport and thankfully there were no casualties. However, UN investigators looking at the debris have been able to look into claims that the Houthis in Yemen are using missiles provided by Iran.

Iran's Deadly Influence in Yemen

Armin Baldwin 07 December 2017

by Armin Baldwin 

When former president of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh announced that he was formally cancelling his alliance with the Houthi rebels, he was pretty much guaranteeing that he would be the target of an assassination attempt. Saleh was assassinated by Houthi rebels two days after he announced his decision and videos of his bloody and lifeless body were spread across social media.

GCC Blasts Houthis as Summit Ends

Azita Carlson 07 December 2017

by Azita Carlson

As they wrapped up an annual summit on Tuesday, the Gulf Cooperation Council blasted Yemen's Houthi rebels and Iran. However, they did not discuss the Qatar crisis, said to be the worst in the bloc's history.

In a joint declaration, the six-nation regional alliance affirmed the importance of preserving the GCC's existence, which was allegedly threatened by a bitter dispute between its members.

Yemeni Parties Reunited After Saleh's Assassination

Editor 05 December 2017

Staff writer, SF

Former President of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh made a grave error when he believed that he could share power with the Iran-backed Houthis. He decided to step away from his alliance with the Houthis and basically signed his death warrant in doing so. Two days later he was dead.

HRW: Iran Should Stop Sending Child Soldiers to Syria

Editor 02 December 2017

Staff writer, SF

Iran should immediately end the practice of using child soldiers in the Syrian conflict, Human Rights Watch has said.

Iran can hardly claim that it must rely on children to fight, when it has maintained that its presence in Syria is limited, and advisory, HRW’s Iran Researcher Tara Sepehri Far wrote on 30 November on the human rights group’s website.

Iran's Limited Attempt to Influence the Middle East

Editor 29 November 2017

 Staff writer, SF

The initial fighting against the Islamic State in Iraq fell on the Iraqi army along with several Shiite militias. They fought a long battle to defeat IS. Iranian regime tried to exploit the situation and its advisers were embedded in the Iraqi army, and in direct control of the militias. The United States also had advisers and troops there, but Iranian regime had more influence with the predominantly Shiite army.

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