No Threat Greater to World Peace and Security Than Iranian Regime

The regime continues to push its malign policies and it is continuing to leave a trail of destruction across the Middle East and beyond

By Atousa Pilger

The Iranian regime has been described as the biggest state sponsor of terror in the world and the biggest impediment to peace and security. These views are being reinforced every day by the Iranian regime itself.

The United States under the Trump administration has been applying pressure with the aim of forcing the regime to abandon its destructive policies, but it has not been wholly successful. The regime continues to push its malign policies and it is continuing to leave a trail of destruction across the Middle East and beyond.

The Iranian regime is unable to abandon its belligerence because its survival depends on it. Iran has been setting up terror cells abroad in order to expand its influence and to silence those that are on the other side to the regime.

Iran has been moving beyond the borders of the Middle East too. During the year of 2018 alone, European authorities foiled a number of terrorist attacks and assassinations that were due to take place on European soil.

Last week, the Albanian Police Chief spoke in a press conference about the latest findings with regards to Iran’s terrorist plots there. He explained that the country’s security services have identified links between the Iranian Quds Force and informants and criminal organizations working inside Albania.

Ardi Veliu explained that the main task of these individuals and organizations was to target the opposition to the Iranian regime that is residing in Albania. There was an attack planned to coincide with a New Year (Nowruz) celebration that was being held by the opposition there in March last year.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) is campaigning for a free and democratic Iran that respects the human rights of its citizens. The organization and the people of Iran know that this can only be achieved with the collapse of the regime. The Iranian regime is very threatened by this and it is taking steps to impede the progress of the Resistance movement.

For this reason, it is putting more and more resources into its foreign terror cells abroad, particularly in Europe. The international community, especially Western governments, need to act now before the regime progresses even further.

The people of Iran want regime change and are not afraid to make this known. During recent anti-regime demonstrations, rallies, strikes, and protests, the people have been heard voicing their support for the Iranian Resistance. This is something that the regime considers a crime – one that is punishable by execution. But the people have reached the stage where they have nothing left to lose.

The people are also heard shouting “death to the dictator” and “down with Rouhani” in reference to the country’s Supreme Leader and president.

As soon as the international community comes to realize that the Iranian regime really is the most dangerous in the world in terms of peace and security, the sooner the people can move on with their quest for a free and democratic Iran where the country’s resources will not be plundered on terrorism and other malign activities.

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