Iran Regime's Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Pledges to Stay Rogue and Belligerent as Ever

Navid Felker 21 October 2017

 by Navid  Felker

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) in a statement stresses that the regional influence and missile development will be fostered.

In an official statement issued in the state media on October 19, the IRGC responded to Donald Trump's recent statements against the organization, claiming with insult that "while the regional influence, authority, and Iran's development of the missile power accord with the era of sanctions, Iran will constantly promote and develop its further plans."

Iran Will Reap the Rewards of Iraqi-Kurds Fight

Editor 18 October 2017

 by Navid  Felker

The Iranian Regime looks set to profit as the US-led coalition against the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq appears to crumble.

On Monday, Iran-backed Iraqi forces have taken over the Kurdish-held area, including oil-rich Kirkuk, after weeks of threats over Kurdish independence. The Kurdish forces retreated in order to save the lives of their people against a much bigger enemy.

Iran Behind Persecution of Journalists in Yemen

Azita Carlson 15 October 2017

by Azita Carlson 

Independent journalists in Yemen have been terrorised by Iran-backed Houthis for the past three years. Many of them have been arrested and there are scores still in jail.

Iran-Backed Terrorist Organisation Subject of New Bill

Azita Carlson 05 October 2017

by Azita Carlson 

Efforts are being made to curb Iran’s influence in the Middle East. Congress is currently making progress with a sanctions bill that targets Hezbollah – Iran’s Shiite militia. This is causing great discomfort to many of Lebanon’s political elite.

UAE Sentenced an Iranian to 10 Years of Imprisonment

Editor 05 October 2017

Staff writer, SF

An Iranian citizen was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment in the UAE. He was accused of violating international sanctions and exchanging information with the Iran regime. The court has rejected the lawyers' appeals against the verdict issued by the Tribal Court of the UAE. Moreover, The Court has approved the sentence of the Iranian citizen residing in the UAE. The identity of the convict has not been disclosed.

Hacking Group With Possible Links to Iran Discovered by Security Firm, FireEye

Editor 25 September 2017

 by Navid  Felker

FireEye’s Mandiant Compromise Assessment service allows organizations to evaluate their environments for the presence of targeted attacker activity. The Compromise Assessment has helped many organizations identify or confirm security breaches that had existed for years and resulted in theft of valuable intellectual property, personally identifiable information, payment card information, or other sensitive information. According to analysis from FireEye, APT33, a hacking group, is believed to be working for the Iranian government.

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