Ahrain: Qatar Should Distance From Our Number One Enemy, Iran

11 June 2017

The government of Bahrain warned Qatar to reconsider its policies and in particular closeness to the Iranian regime.

Bahrain's foreign minister in an interview with "AlShahrq-al Awsat", said: "Qatar must correct its path and return to its previous commitments. Qatar should stop its "propaganda campaign" and should distance from our number one enemy, Iran."

Kurdish Dissident Claims, "Iran Wants to Keep ISIS"

07 June 2017

As Kurdish forces fight against ISIS, the Shia Popular Mobilization Units led by Iran are going after the Syrian Kurds. According to several reports, they are trying to undermine Kurdish attempts to finish off ISIS. 

In an article published by Track Persia, a Platform run by dedicated analysts who spend much of their time researching the Middle East, they share an exclusive interview with Syrian Kurdish dissident Sherkoh Abbas, in which he explains why the Islamic Republic of Iran is believed to have no desire to finish off ISIS.

Saudi Foreign Minister Calls for Iran to Be Held Accountable for Its Destruction

07 June 2017

Not long after United States President Donald Trump’s successful visit to Saudi Arabia, there have been more calls for Iran to be held accountable for its actions in the region. 

The Saudi foreign minister, Adel Jubeir, commented on a trip to Paris that Iran should be punished and held accountable for the extensive meddling it has done in nations across the Middle East.

Iranian Opposition Leader Heads Gathering in Paris

06 June 2017

On Saturday 3rd June, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) Mrs. Maryam Rajavi spoke at a gathering in Paris. The event, named “Interfaith Solidarity Against Extremism”, was held for the occasion of Ramadan and had numerous figures from numerous countries in the Middle East in attendance. 

Mrs. Rajavi called on all Muslims whether they are Shiite or Sunni to reunite in solidarity against the ruling clerical regime in Iran which is central to all of the conflicts in the Middle East.

PMOI Residents of Camp Liberty Move To Europe

13 September 2016

In his September 10 article, Alan Gray writes for NewsBlaze Daily News, of which he is publisher and editor-in-chief, that on Friday, September 9, the last of the Camp Liberty residents were relocated from Iraq to Europe.

“13 years of heartbreak and painstaking work in defence of the security and rights of members and supporters of the Poeple’s Mojahedin Organisation of Iran (PMOI) resulted in their release,” he says.

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