Iraqis Reject Iran’s Pressure to Back Nouri al-Maliki Government

06 June 2012

Stop Fundamentalism – Iraqi Shiite political leader, Moqtada Al-Sadr said Wednesday that he will not bow to pressures from Iran to support al-Maliki’s government, reported Arabic news website Almalaf.  He told reporters that he will not give up on the no-confidence vote in Iraqi parliament that to bring down Maliki from the post of Prime Minister in Iraq.

Iran Pressing Iraq to Handover Dissidents

30 April 2012

Stop Fundamentalism – Sources in Baghdad told Kuwaiti Al-Siyasa, that the Iranian regime has asked Iraq’s Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, during his two day visit to Tehran last Sunday to extradite about 166 members of the exiled Iranian opposition, Mujahedin-e Khalq or MEK who are currently being relocated from a Camp northeast of Baghdad known as Camp Ashraf to the former US occupied Camp Liberty near Baghdad airport.

Iraqi Prime Minister Seeks Iran’s Backing

24 April 2012

Stop Fundamentalism – Iraq’s Prime Minister’s two day visit to Tehran this Sunday and Monday took place at a time when rising tensions between Nouri al-Maliki and his political adversaries has put him and his premiership in a very difficult position.  Political observers consider his trip to be an attempt on his part to gain Iran’s support in facing Iraq’s growing political challenges.  Maliki’s is alleged by his opponents of trying to start a new dictatorship in Iraq.

New Arrivals at Camp Liberty: Iraqi Armored Vehicles

20 April 2012

Stop Fundamentalism - Just when everyone thought things are settling down with the Camp Ashraf crisis as the residents, 1600 of them, made the move to go to Camp Liberty, an Armored military unit makes its way into Camp Liberty which is supposed to be an unarmed refugee 'temporary transit camp' under United Nations supervision.

Another 400 Move to Liberty from Camp Ashraf

17 April 2012

Stop Fundamentalism – Another group of 400 residents of Camp Ashraf, arrived at Camp Liberty in Baghdad Monday, said a statement from National Council of Resistance of Iran.  Ashraf residents are transferred to Liberty in order to be interviewed by the United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees to qualify for resettlement in countries other than Iran and Iraq.

Iraqi Opposition Blocs Boycott National Congress

03 April 2012

Stop Fundamentalism, Iraq – Al-Iraqia Bloc headed by Ayad Allawi announced Monday that it will not attend a National Congress set to convene on April 5 to resolve Iraq’s political deadlock, reported the Iraqi Al-Sharqia News Television.

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