U.S. Troops Packing up in Iraq

17 November 2011

Stop Fundamentalism – As the December 31 draws near, so does the departure of the last of American troops left in Iraq as combat units.  Alarabia Network reported today that the US forces in Iraq have accelerated the pace of their withdrawal from Iraq and should be able to depart early in the next month ahead of schedule.  Alarabia had learned this through different sources it did not identify.

UN Envoy to Mediate a Peaceful Solution for Camp Ashraf

03 November 2011

Stop Fundamentalism – The United Nation top envoy to Iraq, Martin Kobler, said in a press conference in Baghdad today that he is ready to broker a peaceful closing of Camp Ashraf where 3400 Iranian exiles, members of the main Iranian opposition movement, Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), live.  This is to prevent another attack by the Iraqi military on the camp, reported AP today.

Kobler was speaking at a joint press conference along with Gorguis Yacoub, a top aide to Nouri al-Maliki.  Yacoub said that Iraq may consider an extension to the deadline if a solution is reached.

Video Clip Shows Iraqi Military Move in to Camp Ashraf, Two Months before US Departure

01 November 2011

Stop Fundamentalism – Video taken by Iranian Resistance sources and published on Youtube shows a great number of Iraqi troops move into Camp Ashraf in military vehicles and personnel carriers last night. (see below) The sirens made a lot of noise as the moving military column tends to intimidate any observer.

The Military column moved into the camp last night at 23:00 Baghdad time consisted of at least 30 military vehicles and 10 police cars, says a statement released by National Council of Resistance today.  They entered the Camp through the main entrance, created a lot of noise, and useing high beam lights maneuvered through the camp, says the statement. 

Iraq’s Province of Salahuddin Forms an independent State

28 October 2011


Stop Fundamentalism – The governing council of the province of Salahuddin in Iraq declared the province to be an independent state within the unified Iraq Thursday.    The Federal laws embedded in the constitution of Iraq allow local governments to announce economical and administrative autonomy from the central government when majority of the members of the council vote in favor of the procedure and the vote passes a public referendum in the province.

Meanwhile hundreds of Salahuddin resident took to the streets of Tikrit today following the Friday prayers to express their support for the decision of the provincial council. Similar demonstrations took place in other cities such as Samarra and Salahuddin.

The governing council of Salahuddin has 26 seats and its capital Tikrit is about 175 kilometers west of Baghdad.  Majority of the population in the province are Sunni Muslims.

US Troops will Leave Iraq by Year-End

15 October 2011

Stop Fundamentalism – AP reported Saturday that all US troops will leave Iraq before the end of 2011 except 160 active-duty soldiers attached to the US Embassy in Baghdad.

There had been many discussions that the US may leave about 30,000 to 40,000 troops in Iraq after the end of the year.  The troops mostly would participate in training Iraqi military units and security forces.

No reason for the sudden change in plans has been given by the American officials yet, but Iraq’s refusal to provide legal immunity to American personnel may have played a major role, AP says.

Allawi Resigns as President of the National Council for Strategic Policy in Iraq

06 October 2011

Stop Fundamentalism - The head of the Iraqia Bloc, Iyad Allawi, said Thursday that he is resigning the post of Presidency of the National Council for the Strategic Policy of Iraq, a position which was created to help an election dispute resolve but never realized. 

"We give up again for the presidency of the National Council for strategic policy in response to the demand of the People and the religious authorities," said Allawi to reporters during a press conference in Baghdad today.

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