Iranian Dissident in Camp Ashraf Dies of Attack Injuries

Nima 23 April 2011

Stop Fundamentalism, 23 April, 2011 – The Iranian Resistance reported today that another Camp Ashraf resident, Bahman Atigi, 38 died today due to injuries he received during the attack of 8 April on the camp by Iraqi military forces.  This brings the total number of deaths to 35.

Another Attack on Camp Ashraf in the making

20 April 2011

Stop Fundamentalism, 19 April - A spokesman from the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) told news reporters on Tuesday that another attack on the unarmed residents of Camp Ashraf in Iraq is in the making.

Details of Attack on Camp Ashraf Unveiled

20 April 2011

Stop Fundamentalism, 19 April, 2011, Paris- According to documents, commander of the Iraqi Army’s 5th Division issued a classified order on April 8th describing Ashraf residents as the enemy, assigning five battalions of his division to use force in occupying various sections of Ashraf and destroying any kind of resistance.

Why does Iran Ache For Camp Ashraf Destruction?

Nima Sharif 19 April 2011

Nima Sharif
As disturbing events of 8 April, 2011 in Camp Ashraf, Iraq still unfold, more than ever, the intentions of the Iranian regime, in persuading Nuri al-Maliki to create such massacre, which by no means will help his already pathetic public image and disgraceful record of human rights, become clear.

US must protect Iranian Dissidents in Camp Ashraf

David Alton 12 April 2011

David Alton
Original Publication: The Hill
On April 6, early in the morning, the military forces of Iraqi government, about 2500 of them, stormed the campground of the main Iranian opposition movement, the Mujahedin Organization of Iran. They killed more than 30 people and wounded many others. Among the fatalities were many women.

Obama's silence over Iranian Residents of Camp Ashraf

Martyn Storey 12 April 2011

Martyn Storey
Original Publication: Guardian
The reporting of the crisis in Camp Ashraf following Friday morning's attack by Iraqi ground forces by Guardian stands out against the blanket of silence in most of the UK media (US 'may have broken international law' over Iraqi attack on Iranian camp, 9 April).

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