British Politicians Endanger Case of Iranian-British Woman in Jail

Armin Baldwin 15 November 2017

by Armin Baldwin

British woman Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s life has been put in danger following careless remarks made by politicians in the United Kingdom. Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and the environment secretary, have both spoken publicly about Zaghari-Ratcliffe and there are great concerns that their comments will be used against her by Iranian authorities. The 38-year old British-Iranian woman has been unfairly jailed in the notorious Evin prison in the Iranian capital.

Foreign Policy on Iran Must Be All-Encompassing

Atousa Pilger 14 November 2017

by Atousa Pilger

President of the United States Donald Trump has voiced his opinion about Iran and the disastrous nuclear agreement since he took office. In fact, even before taking office Trump has not been subtle about his contempt for the Iranian regime’s belligerence.

The New U.S. Policy Against Iran Regime in Action

Staff Writer 01 November 2017

by Atousa Pilger

Since Donald Trump has announced the new US strategy for Iran, the tune of the US government has clearly changed in the Middle East.

With the defeat of Daesh (ISIS) in Syria and Iraq, the fingertips of the Iranian regime and the influence of this regime have become a target for the United States. This has been reflected on the Iraqi scene and in decision-making centers in Baghdad. The US says that after the end of the war against Daesh, the United States will remain in the region to fight against the elements of the Iranian regime.

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