Iran dossier in Security Council – Sanctions next?

mullahs run bomb nuclear nukeNima Sharif
Five weeks ago, the 5+1 group, by sending an “incentive package” to Tehran, tried once again to bring the mullahs into their senses and bribe them into suspending their uranium enrichment process, but all they did was to give two months time to the mullahs and now we are once again back where we all started.

The price of these times wasted and its disastrous results, are surly paid by the Iranian people living under the rule of the theocratic fascists.

Just before the past two months duration when the West was awaiting the answer from Iran, we said here on our website that we should learn from our mistakes and not test what has been tested before.  Now two months later, everyone can see that as much there was flexibility and incentives, the mullahs asked for more and more.

Right before the meeting with Solana, The Secretariat General of European Union, Ali Larijani, Iran’s nuclear negotiator actually claimed that “the ball is now in Europe’s court,” and it is  now them who should be deciding whether to give in to Iran’s demands or not. 

On Thursday evening though, the foreign ministers of the group after a day long meeting in Paris, concluded that there are no other choices left but to go back to the Security Council and continue on the same track that was abandoned two months ago.

It is important to understand that while the nuclear bomb is strategically important to the mullahs’ for their survival; the regime will use any “incentive package” as an excuse to buy more time to continue its nuclear project.

Now that the 5+1 has reached this conclusion with a delay, no more hesitation is justifiable.  Any hesitation in imposing sanctions against this regime will only encourage the mullahs to race ahead in the development of the nuclear bomb to create a real disaster in an area already in crisis.