Thursday March 23, 2017

Iran Standing in the Way of Peace and Tranquillity

Although a ceasefire agreement was made in Syria, Iran is continuing to wreak havoc there, disregarding all hopes for peace. Despite the period of several weeks between November last year and 20th January this month where the White House is getting prepared for the new president great efforts were made to create a ceasefire that would last.


Terrorist Appointed Ambassador of Iran in Iraq

Brigadier General Iraj Masjedi, adviser of Qassem Soleimani, the commander of the terrorist Qods Force, has just been appointed as the new ambassador of the Iranian regime in Iraq. The Asr-e state-run website said that the regime’s embassy in Iraq’s capital is “one of the strategic positions abroad”. It also added that the embassy and it ambassador are considered “of the utmost importance”.


Iran’s interference in the region must no longer be ignored

It is surprising how many leaders in the West have decided to disregard information provided by their own intelligence regarding the meddling of Iran in the Middle East. 

It has recently been brought to light just how much Obama ignored regarding Iran’s destabilising actions in Iraq, Yemen and Bahrain to name a few places. The Obama administration spent more time appeasing the Iranian regime.


Iran-Backed Shiite Militias Are Endangering Iraq's Future

The Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), also known by the Arabic label al-Hashd al-Shaabi, is a group of Iran-backed Shiite militias in Iraq. The threat posed by the PMU is tremendous for Iraq because it is highly dangerous and it is willing to do anything to carry out the requests of the Iranian regime across the region. 

The PMU has been involved in the Syrian conflict since mid-2013 and took part in the offensive to take Mosul from ISIS.


Iran-Made Arms Seized off Coast of Yemen

The Australian government recently released photographs of weapons that were seized from a vessel near the coast of Yemen during an attempt to smuggle them into the country. It appears that the weapons were manufactured in Iran. This is consistent with other reports that indicate Iran has played a part in gunrunning operations in the area.


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