Has MySpace Become MyBully

Jeffrey A Solochek
MySpace has recently gone out and shut down any US based company that had software addons for helping people to use MySpace. One company they shut down was Spacepromoter which had software to allow marketers to create multiple MySpace profiles. Shutting down a company like this makes a lot of sense because in their terms they say you are only allowed to have one MySpace profile.

BadderAdder was also shut down but their software had nothing to do with creating multiple identities on MySpace. It did nothing to promoter manipulating MySpace in any way whatsoever. What this software did was to help people add friends to their existing profile. MySpace froze BadderAdders Paypal account for 10 months prior to Michelle MacPhearson agreeing to shut her Badderadder software down because MySpace threatened legal action against her.

A lot of other MySpace Bot’s as they are referred to were also threatened by the People at MySpace. Of course all these companies were US based. Because of Web 2.0 and the entire world now being connected by the Internet what can MySpace do to non US Companies that have Bot’s for MySpace? BadderAdder was just a MySpace Friend Adder. Is MySpace going to now go after the local Starbuck’s because they are making some of their money from MySpace employees?

At least when Microsoft used to get their competitors to close down they first offered them station wagons filled with cash. Bill Gate’s was always being dragged into court by the department of justice because of so called monolopolistic tactics. Will MySpace now get prosecuted for their dealings by the DOJ?

Everybody wants to come to America because they hear we are a Free country, How Free are we when companies like MySpace can use strong arm tactics to shut a competitor down? Michelle was doing nothing wrong when she created BadderAdder Friend Adder software. Companies like MySpace with all of their money are able to put the squeeze on others who are not as wealthy as they are.

What are the end results of what MySpace is doing to local US companies? Buddypromoter, an all in one software suite for marketing on MySpace which was created and owned by a company outside of the US are now the only answer. Of course, a software suite like Buddypromoter in the US would cost almost a $1,000 but because it was created offshore where other countries cost of living is a lot less anybody who wants to market on MySpace can grab a hold of this product for less than $200. I have even heard that they even give special discounted pricing to bands who will probably only be using the software as a replacement for a friend adder.

In the end US Bot’s are dying because of companies with more money like that of MySpace or maybe even Microsoft. If somebody with a new idea cannot even have their own product created and marketed then where is this free country that immigrants are looking for?

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