Iran-Iraq: Official inquiry proves mullahs’ repressive role in Iraq

Official inquiry proves mullahs’ repressive role in Iraq  Iranian regime’s meddling in Iraq became more evident following the discovery of a torture center in that country in November.

An Iraqi official investigation into the torture of more than 170 Iraqi detainees in a center belonged to the Interior Ministry in Baghdad found that forces guarding the center had close ties with the clerical regime in Iran.

The investigations were headed by Iraq’s Deputy Prime Minister Rowsch Nouri Shaways, a leading figure from the Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP).

In an interview with the Al-Arabiya satellite TV earlier this week Dr. Mazhar Al-Dulaimi, President of the Society for Defense of the Iraqi people’s rights complained of the Iranian regime’s interferences in Iraq and said: "There are two occupations in place in Iraq at the moment. The occupation by the U.S. is obvious and they might leave in a day or two, but Iraq is in reality occupied by Iran and the danger is that this is not an obvious occupation. This occupation operates through some groups in Iraq that are affiliated to Iran and that work under the guise of religion."