Iran shells Kurds positions in Iraq

Stop Fundamentalism – Reuters reported that Iranian forces shelled Kurdish rebells positions inside mountainous northern Iraq early Friday morning to repel an attack, an Iraqi Kurdish official said.

"This morning Iranian Kurdish fighters infiltrated the border into the Iranian side and the Iranian army bombed the area and repelled them.  The shelling hit Iraqi land at Sidakan," said Saadi Pira, an official in the leading PUK Kurdish party.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have previously clashed with PJAK in Iran’s restive western borderlands.  Three members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards were killed in a clash with PJAK earlier in March, Iran’s state-run media report.

The shelling is noteworthy since it aimed targets in US control Iraq.  American officials have not made a comment on the situations yet.  However, according to a report by “Scotsman” the United States has made clear its opposition to any such cross-border action in previous comments by its officials.