Militia ex-commander in Basra: we participated in death squad by Iran’s instruction

Italy ‘s Adnokronos news agency, Basra, February 17 â€“ Abu Kazem, former leader of an Islamic group in Basra pointed out that his group "collaborated with the death squad in Basra".

Abu Kazem while refusing to specify his group’s name, said «"the members" of his political group were "part" of the terror teams» .

He explained, "We occasionally met with officials of the Iranian Intelligence at the headquarters of one of the organizations. They provided us the instructions on the personalities chosen for assassination".

«Abu Kazem explained mechanism of how this took place by saying "all the movements and groups have arms, police uniforms as well as police vehicles which were granted to the parties under the former police chief and are usually used in operations"».

He stressed that the choice of personalities to be targeted were made "on Iran’s orders from among the local officials, academics, journalists, etc." Abu Kazem denied any direct role in any assassinations, reminding that his role "was limited to the Operation control room’s decisions but his group’s member participated at least in more than a few dozen assassinations." He also refused to give any details about the assassinations his group committed and their victims.

British forces’ spokesman recently spoke of "the Iraqi Interior Ministry’s death squads" and the Iraqi Interior Ministry has immensely investigated the subject recently.