Who controls Iraq

Iraq Police run by the Mullahs in Tehran

Iraqi police controled by Iranian supported paramilitary

The chaotic state in Iraq continues to claim innocent lives by the hands of paramilitary forces that are wildly believed to be connected to Iran.

Last week in a mosque after the Friday prayer sermon, an explosion killed 85 people and injured 165 others.  This was the latest big explosion in Iraq while the killing continues on daily bases around this country.

In a television interview with Al-Jazzira Network, Hareth Al-Nazari, chief of Muslim Leaders Group in Iraq said, “the current government in Iraq is responsible for the death of 40,000 people during the past year.” 

“After the bombing of the Sammara’s holy shrine, an organized, preplanned attack on mosques and holy places around the country took place that resulted in destruction.”  Al-Nazari continued, “during the next three days after the bombing over 1500 people were killed and over 2000 were arrested many of whom their bodies were found later on near roads and rivers.”

Brussels Tribunal, a judiciary body based in Brussels, in a letter to the Special Reporter of the United Nations, asked for immediate investigation on assassination of Iraq universities teachers and scientific staff.  According to Brussels Tribunal, 250 university professors have been assassinated, tens of others have disappeared, and thousand have fled the country to save their lives.  This shows that Iraq is under an organized attack aimed at destroying the country’s educational institution.

The Irony is that no one has been arrested for these crimes.

Meanwhile the Iranian clerics make no great effort to cover-up their involvements in Iraq.  Jomhuri Eslami, a state-run daily published in Tehran wrote on April 5,”neglecting the historic opportunity in Iraq will result in a great loss that will never be replicable.”

Al-Jazzira television in another program on April 3, interviewed Mohammed Saied Edriss, head of Persian Gulf Research.  He said that, “the Iranian regime plays a central rule in Iraq’s internal conflict and supports different Shiite groups with money and weapons and military training.  Death squads work in Iraq with Iranian support.”

According to Guardian quoting west’s security analysts the Ministry of State in Iraq hires the police personnel from paramilitary groups rather than those who trained by the Americans and the Britons.

People of Baghdad and the Sonnie Politician’s accuse the State Ministry of supporting paramilitary groups and the death squads.

According to reports over 85 percent of the police force are now made of paramilitary groups.

All evidence are indicative of the fact that  Iran is determined not to let the situation in Iraq come to a peaceful resolution.  As the spokesman for one of the independent political fronts said, “anyone living in Iraq today knows that it is Iran that has occupied Iraq and not America.”