Friends Of Humanity co-sponsors a conference on October 5 in London’s Foreign Press Association.

ImageAzadeh Zabeti, lawyer and deputy chair of the British- Iranian Lawyers Association started the conference by remarks on terrorist activities under the name of Islam and mullahs’ tyrannical rule in Iran over the past 26 years and called for an international cooperation against Islamic fundamentalism stemming from Iran.

Zabeti then called on Ayatollah Ganjei to address the conference on this pressing issue.

He made a clear distinction in the beginning of his speech on the nature of Islamic fundamentalism and said: “Fundamentalism is not a religious phenomenon but it is a political movement using Islam as an instrument to impose an ‘absolute domination.’”
Gangei noted that the policy of appeasement, pursued with the Iranian regime, for political reasons or trade interests has sent a clear message to terrorist fundamentalists that if “you are in power you will be tolerated.”

As the next speaker, Prof. Alison Assiter from the West of England University in Bristol, spoke of the spread of fundamentalism in the world and its threat and reminded that the book by Mohammad Mohaddessin, “Islamic Fundamentalism, the New Global Threat,” published in 1993, described terrorism as a main feature of the Islamic fundamentalism. Some doubted the connection at the time but pursuing events have proven the correctness of the assertion.

Revd. Ryder Whalley, Anglican priest also joined the debate on this topic and said that fundamentalists do not recognize anyone but themselves and there can be no exchange of views and ideas with them and they want to impose their ideas upon everybody.

Mrs. Elizabeth Sydney, President of the International Federation of Women against Fundamentalism and for Equality concentrated on the misogynist practices of fundamentalism in her speech and stressed that the mullahs claim they are acting upon God’s orders and this is most horrifying for true followers of Islam.

In the end the declaration of the conference was read out by Azadeh Zabeti. The document in part called for referral of the Iranian regime’s nuclear file to the UN Security Council.