3D Company introduces Philips latest revolution in Image displays

Stop Fundamentalism, September 3 – The 3-D illusion stops people in their tracks, as it’s meant to. The 3D screens are aimed at retailers and Mall Signage network operators, who will create 3-D adverts to grab the attention of passing shoppers.

A string of video clips playing on the screen has amongst them, a woman on the TV tossing a handful of rose petals out of the screen, where they float in the air before people’s eyes.

In truth, the image resides on a perfectly flat, 42-inch LCD screen. But the 3-D illusion is fully believable, and viewers don’t have to wear polarizing glasses.

Clyde Dsouza, Manager of R&D at The 3D Company said, "As retail competition heats up in malls in the region, retailers are vying for customer footfall and ‘eyeballs’. 3D display screens will be used as an audience magnet, to draw customers into stores and provide higher brand recall via messages and images that can float in mid air on these screens."

At the upcoming GITEX 2006 tradefair, a few solutions based on the 3D screens will make their debut, with solutions for nightclub advertising, and 3D cable TV for hotels.