A Low Cost Carrier To Space

Ankit Gupta
Los Angeles, CA, July 17 (AHN) – Space tourism isn’t necessarily going to be out of the question, if you’re interested. A seat on a Russian spacecraft costs a cool $ 20 million.

But soon, one may have the option of using a "discount carrier" to travel toward outer space.

California money manager Dennis Tito is the world’s first space tourist. He got his joy ride back in 2001-On board a Russian Soyuz spacecraft that docked with the International space station.

British billionaire Sir Richard Branson is banking on a lot of pent-up demand.

"Right now we’re going to be building bigger versions of space ship- one capable of taking seven or eight people into space on every trip," says Branson.

Branson is teaming up with Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen and aviation pioneer, Burt Rutan, who designed space ship-one, the first successful privately manned spacecraft.

As demand increases, analysts say the price tag if $ 20 million will come down and plenty of folks say they’re ready to take the ride of a lifetime.